Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Blue Arrow Promotes E-cruitment - 06/2000

Temps Given Free Internet Access

Blue Arrow, the traditional bricks and mortar recruitment agency is actively promoting the use of Internet recruitment to itís own temps. In a trial being undertaken at itís Cambridge branch, registered temps are given free, unlimited internet access, as well as an email address with access via SpeechMail technology. Charles Walker, Blue Arrowís Communications Director enthuses about increasing use of technology by the company saying ìIn time, we expect that our consultants will be able to confirm start times and venues with workers directly via e-mail straight to a mobile phoneî.

The move by Blue Arrow towards new media
ollows research it conducted into Internet usage for job hunting by itís temps. The results showed that over 40% of the 150 candidates interviewed use the net more than 3 times a week for job hunting, sending/receiving emails and for research but only 10% have access to a PC at home.

Blue Arrow temporaries both at Cambridge and beyond will be encouraged to visit the web sites of local employers to get up to speed on the
companiesí business. These moves show clear understanding by traditional high street agencies, that they must adapt in order to compete against Internet rivals.