Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Between Dot Com And Clicks & Mortar - 08/2000

Wideyes Utilises Unique Business Strategy

Wideyes launched in the UK in February. It is one of 3 large pan-European e-cruiters (the others being StepStone and Jobline). It offers a variety of value added services to temp clients and candidates to it's service.

Wideyes is different!

Founded by Jonas Granstrom, founder and former CEO of Jobline, Wideyes has a unique element to it's business strategy. In fact, despite it's status as a dot com, it looks more like Spring than either of it's Euorpean foes. The reason for this is also that which leads it to be described as third generation.

Many recruitment agencies launch web sites. Some like Spring have gone so far as to dot-com themselves (i.e. In this case, resourcing functions are performed by the web
site, and client management by a centralised call centre. Wideyes however, has taken a different approach. Whilst the site is the focal point of candidate generation, and the mainstay of client liaison, there is a separate, yet inextricability linked Bricks & Mortar element to the company.

For clients who require, Wideyes offers the human touch with a team of recruiters. For a company who recently won the contract to provide an ASP solution to outsource Eriksson HR department, this is an unusual twist. It does however seem to be working. Without spending StepStone sized wads of cash on marketing, Wideyes expects to have clocked 50,000 profiled candidates by the end of the year.

Katie Wells, Marketing Manager Wideyes of UK, outlining the business model, explained that A team of highly experienced recruitment specialists drawn from all industry sectors compliments the Wideyes site. The combination of the internet to source candidates and advertise vacancies supported by recruitment professionals who really understand talent means we can offer a comprehensive, quality service.