Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Better exam results


UK company Mindwarp Pavilion has created over 15,000 mind maps from the best selling undergraduate textbooks and combined them with its revolutionary new MultiMedia Mindwarp Revision Technology (3MRT).

The unique service and 3MRT e-learning tools available at allow students to use simple, easily learned mind mapping techniques to revise quickly, cheaply and more effectively than any other study technique, transferring much more information from their textbooks into their long-term memory.

Mindwarp students have access to an online, mind mapped library of the most commonly used textbooks in medicine, nursing, psychology, psychotherapy, law, economics, accounting, education, computing, business and management, sociology, social work, writing skills and biology.

Mindwarpís easy-to-use interactive mind-maps of textbooks cut study time dramatically, improve knowledge retention and help students develop a much deeper understanding of their subject.

Students can review several hoursí worth of reading material in a matter of minutes. The technology also allows subscribers to continuously test themselves on their chosen subject and benchmark progress against their peer group.

Mind-maps are an established accelerated learning technique and use a series of headings and sub-headings that branch out like a family tree. Each separate heading triggers the memory bank to recall information stored there.î

ìThis technology works. Our students spend less time with their textbooks and a lot less time studying - but learn more and get better grades as a result,î said Dr Danny Ruta, Mindwarpís CEO.

ìThe average person forgets 80% of everything they read within 24 hours. With 3MRT we have found a truly effective way of transferring information from the screen into the long-term memory - and keeping it there.

ìMindwarp technology offers students a new, legitimate way of taking the answers into the exam hall. Itís not cheating - but some might say itís the next best thing.î