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Best ways to check your essay on Plagiarism

Plagiarism refers to the action of passing off the intellectual property of another as though it were your own, by not referencing them or acknowledging their rights over the intellectual property.

Freytag’s pyramid was created by Shakespeare to explain mostly tragic dramas, and this term never really finds its way into daily use. However, if one is not careful and thus fails to make use of a proper checker when editing an essay or a piece or a work report, your academic or career life might be narrated with a Freytag’s pyramid.

Many people often fail essays, lose jobs and get into all kinds of trouble because of plagiarism, while many more save themselves the hassles of looking for these duplicated words and statements themselves by using free plagiarism checkers.

Plagiarism is an easy crime to commit, and sometimes, we unknowingly do so, while writing an essay, you could make use of several points and terms you might have come across while conducting your research, failure to reference where you got these from is plagiarism. However, you can use some of the online plagiarism checking tools to save yourself a tragic story.


Checking an essay for plagiarism can be very difficult and give you a Freytag’s pyramid experience if you are doing so with your eyes, which is why an online checker tool is the best option out there. With a decent tool, you can check a paper for plagiarism and ensure that you are not just another static character responsible for being stealing the works of others.  It ensures that whenever you see your unique work, you would feel as though you should jump for joy, as explained by the Cannon Bard theory.

Why Use a Plagiarism Checker?

Plagiarism checkers allow you to check your work effectively to ensure you are not setting yourself up to lose marks or get into trouble at work. It allows you to be safe rather than sorry when you must turn in a written piece of work, especially if you have lost track of the citations you intended to put in your write-up.

As a student, knowing how to check if an essay is plagiarized is very important when working on a thesis, an essay or a simple assignment because most teachers and lecturers take time to ensure their students are not trying to copy off each other or the internet.

Whether you use a line or a paragraph, using someone’s intellectual property without given them credit for it could have dire consequences for you. For students, plagiarism could mean losing major marks, getting an academic suspension, failing a class or worse, getting expelled. And, for career personnel, it could mean losing a promotion, losing an important client, getting reprimanded and embarrassed at work, or worse, losing a job!

Isn’t it amazing that there are free plagiarism checkers in case you cannot afford a subscription on a paid one, or if you do not wish to pay for it? They are available for occasional use. And, this way, you can ensure your document is completely unique and fits in the budget.

How Do These Checkers Work?

For someone who has never used it, a plagiarism checker is a strange piece, however, it should not be so. A plagiarism checker works by comparing your write-up to millions of texts found on several web pages; these texts include academic papers, social media posts, and entertainment articles. When part of your text pops up in another one of these, then you would get alerted, and it becomes your responsibility to edit the document and rephrase the statements highlighted.

Free online plagiarism checker also allow you to notice other writing errors you would have otherwise missed and would provide percentage reports on the level of plagiarism detected; the aim is to get a 100%. The best part is that your writing remains private and ensure no other plagiarism checkers can see your document.

Who Benefits from a Plagiarism Checker?

While free plagiarism checkers were originally created to help students create unique research papers, essays and articles, it was gradually proven that even non-students needed them. It has become incredibly useful to everyone who researches and creates written content on the internet.

Many fiction writers make use of it while creating their stories because they know it is possible to unwittingly copy terms and characters off the internet; however, the free online plagiarism checker allows them to create dynamic, instead of static characters and write an accurate Freytag pyramid that readers love. Reviewers of music, books, products, etc. also make use of this ‘fact-checker’ because it's hard to create a review without being worried that someone else had already used the same words.

In fact, anyone who wants to produce unique, well-edited and organized essays, research papers, articles and even ordinary write-ups would enjoy a plagiarism checker, and that includes you too!