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Best Student Cities to Study in the US

The US is vast on options, with more than 4000 colleges & Universities and Institutions. With most of the 50 states in the US hosting prestigious universities and renowned student cities, international students have much to choose from.

The perks of US education are many. With 48 universities in the top 200 in the QS World University Rankings 2019, and cutting-edge research opportunities as well as opportunities for optional practical training (3 years for STEM courses*), Study in the USA for International Students would serve only to highlight a student’s profile. This article discusses the top student cities where International students can study in.

1. Boston

Dubbed as the student capital of The United States, 20% of its student crowd is international. Traveling in Boston through its metro system can be an economical option owing to the discount passes offered at most of the Institutions in Boston. It is also renowned for its arts and culture and the iconic Museum of Fine Arts is free for students. Owing to the multitudes of colleges and academic institutions in Boston, students have the opportunity to attend numerous college events and projects at institutions nearby.

Universities: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. Chicago

This third largest city in the US is home to several renowned Universities. It is also an economic hub which is an asset for students looking out for internships/ OPTs. A wide range of entertainment options is available from sports to theater. Students can also get attractive discounts through their student ID cards. Another reason to Study in the United States in ‘The Windy City’ is the opportunity to experience diverse social and cultural opportunities. It has some of the most diverse architecture in the world.

Universities: University of Chicago, Northwestern University

3. Los Angeles

The city has a strong streak in employability, wherein employers view the city as a key hub for recruitment. It is also home to Hollywood and has abundant avenues to showcase the performing arts. Los Angeles is the second largest metropolitan city in the US. Its optimum climate and sunny weather results make it a highly desirable city to study in. Students find the city friendly and a great place for meeting new people.

Universities: University of California (Los Angeles), University of Southern California, California State University (Los Angeles)

4. New York

Endless options for study programs amidst a global culture, New York happens to be the best at almost everything under the sun. Living in this globally coveted metropolis and studying at one of its prestigious universities promises to be an experience of the lifetime. Opportunities for extra-curricular events are immense and unmatched. You may also want to diversify your palate at Chinatown, Little Italy, or Koreatown.

Universities: Columbia University, New York University

5. San Francisco

This student city is renowned for its high quality of life at comparatively lower costs, a great climate, and good employer recruitment. San Francisco also happens to be one of the most visited cities in the US.

Universities: Stanford University, University of California (Berkeley), San Francisco State University (SF State) 

6. Washington, DC 

The federal capital of the US also promises the very best quality of education through its reputed Universities. The additional perks of studying in DC are proximity to some of the most iconic monuments such as The White House, and Lincoln Memorial; as well as being at the heart of American History and politics. Visiting one of the prestigious Smithsonian Museums is something that you can take up in your free time. Many famous journalists come from Washington colleges, as they are famous for their paper writting directions.

Universities: University of Maryland (College Park), Georgetown University, American University

7. Atlanta

This capital of the state of Georgia is a major metropolitan city in the US. It is an affordable student city where a college student may rent a flat at lower rates than most other cities in The US. Despite the urbanization, it is a city with a huge fauna cover, dubbed as the “city in a forest”. Its metro area’s 57 colleges and institutions host hundreds of thousands of students from all over the world. To add to the benefits, its nightlife and restaurants are of the highest quality.

Universities: Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Emory University

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