Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Best Areas in London for Corporate Events

With London’s diversity and energetic nature, there are a plentiful amount of things to do for Corporate events, alongside a plethora of neighbourhoods that offer great spaces to host your next corporate event.

We have curated this guide to give you insight into which London neighbourhoods can brighten any corporate event. 

Angel & Islington, London

A true representation of London’s dynamic cultural scene, with a mix of class and culture, your company could source a venue in the area to promote innovation and creativity within your team event. If dining is also a requirement for your event, you will be spoilt for choice with many different dining options, from top-rated restaurants to a more experience in any of the trendy, casual bars around. Another bonus is that it is extremely accessible with the underground, overground and bus services running regularly. 

Shepherds Bush, London

In West London, Shepherd's Bush should not be missed! Being extremely accessible and surrounded by some great bars and restaurants, it is a perfect location for corporate events looking for a central, but more low-key neighbourhood. 

Furthermore, Shepherd's Bush is not shy of hotels and other accommodations, which makes it ideal for multiday corporate events. 

Soho, London

In the West End, you are not short of conference spaces, meeting rooms or venue hire to host from- any corporate event will be sure to shine in Soho. For a corporate event that wishes to integrate a dining or entertainment experience into the program, there is a huge variety of restaurants, bars and other unique nightlife options at hand. Due to the centrality of Soho, all members attending the event will be able to access it via public transport, too.

Finchley, London

Finchley is an ideal location for your next corporate event due to its quieter nature and its extreme accessibility, with access from the Northern Line, no one will have to miss out. This neighbourhood is also filled with green spaces, such as Victoria Park, which is perfect for events that fancy hosting outdoor events or team building. Furthermore, Finchley is packed with a range of different hotels and serviced apartments, which can be beneficial for companies hosting longer corporate events. 

Holborn, London

Culture, entertainment and cuisine, Holborn is almost a hidden gem right in the middle of London! There is an abundance of options for hosting your next corporate event, with smaller and more intimate environments to larger and more extravagant spaces available, any type of corporate event will find its venue. As Holborn is home to many famous cultural attractions, this is a great option for events that wish to incorporate cultural experiences into the schedule. 

How to Choose the Right Neighbourhood for a Corporate Event?

There is no direct answer to this, however, there are some factors to consider when deciding where to host your company’s next corporate event, whether you need to find a venue to hire in North London, Central London or elsewhere. 

Firstly, the type of event should be distinguished so that the ideal venue can be decided, whether it be a conference or team-building activity. Then, it’s important to decide what is important for the event and if other aspects will be incorporated into the event, such as cultural experiences, dining or evening activities. 

There are plenty of neighbourhoods in London that have the potential to host corporate events, which is why it’s recommended to do some research beforehand and make comparisons so that the right space is found. 

Why are Corporate Events Important for Companies?

When companies host any type of corporate event, whether it be a conference, product launch, team building event or charity event, there will always be a beneficial aspect to it. Each event will have a different objective, however, companies can benefit from networking, raising awareness, and increasing employee morale alongside improved corporate culture.