Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Benefits of Adopting the Freelancing Culture

It doesn’t matter if you are a multi-national corporation with offices around the globe, or a graduate looking for their first job, a freelance work-from-home culture is for everyone.

The last decade has seen a significant shift in people wanting to do jobs they are passionate about, and that too on their own terms. As a result, the desire to undertake freelance work is growing, and considering the unpredictable nature of the world, it seems to be a step in the right direction. 

Before we talk about the advantages of freelancing, one must first give due credit to technology. There are now several technological advancements helping freelancers such as better mobile devices, internet speeds and software. Without these, it would have been nearly impossible for businesses to make the transformation towards the work-from-home scenario that we have today. Moreover, there has been an amalgamation of the freelance and work-from-home cultures recently, that has further helped make the trend more popular globally. So, if you are unsure about a freelance career, here are a few points to help you decide.

Benefits Everyone

Whether we talk about freelancing or work-from-home, the end result is that it benefits everyone involved. Clients can save money on active employees by cutting down overhead costs such as transportation, electricity, and daily office expenses. For the worker, the ease of getting out of bed and starting work instantly means they save on time and have more flexibility in how they operate.

Multiple Possibilities

Surprisingly, work-from-home options have led to more freelancing opportunities. As individuals are saving on time by not having to go to a physical office, they can use it to take up other jobs. Whether it is blogging, content writing, graphic designing or becoming a virtual assistant, anything is possible. In fact, a lot many people are using this time to do charity, work for NGOs and help with environmental issues. All of this work might not be to the level of what the great Nicolas Winton did during WWII, but when done with heart and for the benefit of humanity, every little effort counts. The point is that when you work from home, you end up with endless job possibilities in your hands. 

Extra Income

If freelancing is the main source of income, then the one benefit is that you are your own boss. You can take up as many clients as you like, work when you want, set your personal goals, and aim towards earning more with experience. On the other hand, freelancing can also be an additional source of income when you are working a corporate job. Furthermore, in an economically unstable world, where a person can get fired for no reason, a freelancing career can help support you in case of any mishaps.

Increased Productivity

Businesses have come to realise now that work-from-home options result in higher productivity from their employees. Since there are several benefits of working from home, employees tend to do extra work, and with care, to not let go of this perfect opportunity. Moreover, having some control over how they function in a more casual environment than the office allows employees to perform when they are the most active, increasing overall efficiency.