Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Bankers, Lawyers And The Media - 08/2000

Bankrole Contacts Monopolies And Mergers Commission is in an investment banking job board. The site carries both Business and IT jobs, both permanent and freelance. Banks and agencies advertise direct to candidates. CVs are not collected, and registration is not required.

It all really sounds like a typical first generation job board.

Except for one difference.

Bankrole is on the offensive against some of the biggest media companies in recruitment advertising.

When the site launched in March, it was seeking to advertise to gain publicity. Its Executives contacted the broadsheets (The Financial Times, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Evening Standard and the Independent) to enquire about advertising rates. According to Stephen Mason of Bankrole All of the broadsheets refused to allow to advertise, banning us (in writing) along with all other recruitment web sites.

In reponse to what he calls a luddite attitude from the Press Barons towards the web recruitment companies, Mason has initiated an advertising campaign entitled banned by the broadsheets - - investment banking jobs'. He believes that restrictive practice is at work to ensure a monopoly. Bankrole has therefore taken the matter to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission through their solicitors.

This is clearly a brave move for a small player.

What, we wonder, is the stance of the rest of the e-cruitment industry?