Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Attracting international talent to your business

Attracting international talent has become a crucial strategy for businesses looking to maintain a competitive edge in today’s globalised economy.

As the demand for highly skilled workers continues to rise, companies must devise comprehensive strategies to attract and retain expert talent from around the world.

Why it’s important to hire the best talent

Hiring the best employees is fundamental to driving innovation, striving for competitive advantage, and achieving business growth. The UK's talent market is particularly tight, with significant shortages in sectors such as healthcare, information technology, and professional services​.

By attracting top candidates, companies can fill critical skill gaps, enhance productivity, and bring diverse perspectives that encourage creativity and problem-solving. Additionally, diverse workforces are better equipped to understand and cater to a global customer base, further driving business success.

Global competitive salary offering

One of the primary ways to attract international talent is through competitive salary offerings. With global mobility on the rise, skilled professionals can often choose from opportunities worldwide. Therefore, businesses must ensure their compensation packages are attractive not just locally but globally.

Using tools like an employment cost calculator can help businesses benchmark their salaries against global standards, ensuring they remain competitive​. Beyond base salaries, consider offering performance bonuses, stock options, and other financial incentives to appeal to top-tier individuals.

Remote and flexible working

Remote and flexible working continues to be a significant factor in attracting the right employees. Offering these work arrangements can be particularly appealing for international candidates who may prefer to work from different locations or need flexible hours to accommodate different time zones.

This approach both widens the talent pool and enhances employee satisfaction and retention​. Implementing robust remote working policies and providing the necessary technological support can help organisations seamlessly integrate international talent into their teams.

Company culture and perks

A strong company culture looks incredibly desirable to potential new employees. Businesses should strive to create an inclusive, supportive, and engaging work environment that aligns with the values and expectations of a diverse workforce.

Perks such as wellness programs, professional development opportunities, and social events can significantly enhance the overall employee experience​. Additionally, recognising and celebrating cultural diversity within the workplace can help employees feel valued and included.

Developing your business’ brand

Top performers want to work for a reputable and respected business. Potential candidates will likely research a company’s reputation, values, and work environment before applying.

Businesses should invest in showcasing their culture, achievements, and commitment to employee wellbeing through various channels, including social media, company websites, and employer review platforms.

Highlighting stories of current employees, especially those who have relocated internationally, can also provide valuable insights and reassurance to prospective candidates​.