Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Attracting female graduates into STEM roles has never been easier once you understand what they want

With employers focused on encouraging more women to apply for jobs in STEM-related roles, it’s important to first understand what it is that these candidates are looking for from an employer

We know that STEM talent is in high demand and it’s more important than ever for employers to encourage innovation and build a diverse workplace to attract the right talent.

Leading student and graduate job board Milkround has partnered with global employer branding expert Universum, to delve into the top 10 priorities that female STEM graduates consider when searching for their first job out of university.

Each year, Universum survey thousands of students to find out their expectations and priorities for the future. This year, just shy of 40,000 students from universities across the UK shared their thoughts and together with Milkround, Universum have unveiled the ideals that female STEM graduates are looking for from current and future employers.

When it comes to employers, there are a number of opportunities to ensure you are attracting this hard to come by talent. It is clear from the research that female STEM graduates require clear professional training and development opportunities from their future employers, meaning employers need to showcase what their development path looks like and how a new employee coming in has the opportunity to grow and expand their knowledge and skill-set.

Graduates want to understand the route to success and have a visible path to progression, so it is integral to prove this is possible within your company. Universum and Milkround propose building and highlighting case studies of current employees who have worked their way up within your company. This shows the loyalty and commitment of current employees and will support attracting talent that fits within your company’s culture.

Other priorities include the need for a creative work environment, where this collective of graduates want to be able to support the development of products and showcase their ideas from start to finish. They also want the opportunity to travel internationally, so if you’re a company that offers these opportunities, then we strongly encourage you to raise awareness about these offerings.

To see the top 10 priorities for female STEM graduates and to learn how you can implement and showcase these are also a priority for your company, download a copy of the report here.