Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Analysis of the target audience is an important step in creating a logo and company image

When you are launching a company or a brand, you would have to worry about creating a strong brand image.

The creation of a logo is the first step towards creating a brand image because the logo is the first visual element that the customer focuses on. No matter what you are creating, whether it is a physical product or a social media post, you will have to use your logo. So, before creating the logo design, the design team has to put a lot of thought into the process. 

How logo design affects audience decisions and behavior? 

Another aspect of creating a logo design and a company image is to take into account the audience to which you plan to cater. There are billions of people in the world. While you want to create a global brand, it is not possible to target all the people in the world to sell your product. Your product is meant for a certain demographic and population section. 

Therefore, while creating the initial logo design and company image wireframe, you have to create something that is in line with what the target audience wants to see. If you do not create something that appeals to your company's target audience, then you will lose out on the efficacy of marketing and promotions. Your marketing efforts will be misdirected, and there will be no proper results out of it. 

So, it is very important to identify the target audience for your brand and choose the right sector for market analysis. Target audience analysis is very important because it tells us a lot about consumer psychographic and helps you in learning about the touch points of an ideal customer. The company logo and any other piece of communication that goes out to the external audience should be according to what the audience wants to hear. Before we go into how big a role target audience analysis plays in finalizing the logo design, let us know about the target audience. 

What is a target audience? 

A target audience is that portion of the population for which every piece of communication and media is sent out. The target audience is the people who have a problem that your company product can solve and will be most interested in buying the product your company offers. The target audience is the narrow section of demographics on the basis of age, gender, lifestyle, and purchase behavior who are most likely to buy your company's products. Therefore, the target audience is that section of the population to which, if you send out targeted marketing initiatives, you will be able to sell your products fast. 

The aim of every company is to sell as many products as possible, and when the sales and marketing tactics are backed by target audience analysis, these tactics become highly successful. According to data, the companies that use target audience analysis to change and boost their customer service and communication see a 20-40 percent cost reduction in operations. Target audience analysis not only helps with the designing of the logo but with all other marketing initiatives. Thus, target audience analysis is conducted continuously. 

How to create a logo design that your target audience wants? 

When creating a logo design, you have to look at the target audience and what it wants to see. For example, the brands that especially aim at selling products to kids choose logos and theme colors that are bright and very easy to relate to. Bright and interesting colors catch the attention of kids very soon. The logo design will be something that incorporates designs that kids find cool. The designs can be simple but interesting to look at so that a kid is intrigued. The theme colors and the background for the logo also need to be chosen accordingly. 

Conducting target audience analysis with the help of the most modern tools can help reduce the failure of marketing tactics and increase revenue manifold. The company needs to take an informed approach to everything that connects them with the audience. 

What is the effect of good target audience analysis on a company? 

Target audience analysis provides actionable data to the company on the basis of which the owners and managers can take important decisions. The decisions and product launches that a company makes ultimately affect the audience and user group. Therefore, the company needs to look at the user base and target audience as active stakeholders in marketing and sales processes. 

Think about it this way, 68 percent of all customers expect to have a personalized user experience from the products and services of any company. How will the company offer a highly personalized customer experience if there is no concrete target audience analysis? Here is what target audience analysis helps the company build indirectly. 

Brand awareness

Brand awareness among the target audience is very important to create a strong brand image and identity. To create brand awareness, you have to know what the target audience wants to experience and looks for in a brand. By studying the macro behavior of the target audience, you can outline the brand values that will best appeal to the target audience. Once you have chosen the brand values, you can create campaigns for brand awareness building. 

Increasing return on investment 

When you are creating and running a company, there will, of course, be some or the other form of investment. From monetary investment to investment in skills of your employees, a lot goes into creating a product and a brand. However, without proper audience analysis and market insights, the product strategy and investments can all be misdirected. When these strategies become misdirected, there could be a loss. To increase the return on investment, you have to conduct good market research and target audience analysis. The truth is that the market and target audience changes from time to time.


The target audience is made up of real people, and with time, their preferences and trends are linked with the target audience and what they really want to change too. Therefore, whether you are creating a logo or a product line, you have to conduct target audience research from time to time.