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Alternate Careers for Poker Players

Careers in gambling are fun but unpredictable

The poker industry, for instance, can go bad quickly. Whether you’ve exited the poker scene after a bad run or decided to put down your cards in good faith, it’s necessary to look for an alternative gig. It’s also expected that a younger, more passionate individual will replace you with time. 

Professional poker players have skills that would work out well in many other industries. Calculating probability and psychology of mood are great tricks to have up your sleeve. Identifying our strengths go a long way in helping us identify where to land next. 

Viable Options for Former Poker Players 

When we decide to change career paths, there are a lot of questions about where to head next. The main issue is in finding a fun and exhilarating option. Gambling is refreshing, and a similar career path would be perfect. 

Here are a few alternate careers:

Accountant or Actuarial Scientist 

Most professional poker players are perfect at mathematics. The process of calculating risks while playing equips gamers with skills such as attention to detail. Number crunching is another useable skill in accountancy. 

Unlike playing poker, this career does not have huge wins and jackpots. It’s still a good alternative because it racks your brains numbers-wise. Moreover, you’re assured of a regular and more consistent salary. 

What’s important to note is that you will need training in this field.  

Freelance Poker Writer 

Former poker players can do well as freelance writers. Since we’ve been there, writing about the poker scene is easier. As professional poker players, we read a lot of content to help us stay on top of our game. 

This information would come in handy for young poker players who need accurate and helpful information on poker. Freelance poker writing does not need a university degree. There are several opportunities online, especially in poker affiliate forums.  


To be successful in sales requires math knowledge, an understanding of human psychology, and drive. A former poker player would thrive in this sector. Sales companies provide basic pay structures and commissions based on sales. 

Former poker players can use this opportunity to drive sales and climb up the ladder because most of them are naturally zealous. 


Notable poker players have turned to stockbroking because of the ability to measure potential risks and benefits. This skill is perfect for stock trading because we need to make quick decisions and analyze future potential. 

A great example is Andy Frankenberger, a two-time World Series of Poker Champion. He switched to stock trading successfully. 

The similarity between stock trading and playing poker is the unpredictability. Each requires perfect prediction and decision-making skills. 

Casino Industry Professional 

Leaving the poker industry does not mean we must forego the gambling industry altogether. Most former professional poker players would do well as pit bosses, poker dealers, or poker room attendants.

The career seems less glamorous than professional poker playing, but it’s a good place to fall back on. The best poker players are not spared when it comes to a career change, it’s better to diversify sooner rather than later to avoid joblessness. 

For the ones that are still in the game and looking for the best deals, we’ve found that this website offers the best selection of top online poker sites. The money made from playing poker is a sweet deal, but finding a more stable source of income becomes inevitable with age. 

Choosing the Best Career 

This process is daunting to many. Leaving the gambling scene can get difficult, but sometimes, it’s the best decision we could ever make. We all have our strong suits. Identifying those goes a long way in determining what career we would fit in best. 

It’s important to find a career to fall back on when you’re replaced in the poker scene or choose to take a step back. Each job has its perks and downfalls. It helps not to try and compare them to poker. 

A change is as good as rest, and a different career might be what we need to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Years of playing poker have conditioned gamers to master a few vital skills. We should use these to our advantage and jump on to the next career with ease.