Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

AIRS Survey Shows Recruiters Are Optimistic About 2003


AIRS announced the results of a survey that shows a majority of USA search firms and corporate recruiters feel
optimistic that recruitment demand will stabilize or increase in the coming year.

The AIRS News survey reported that 55% of recruiters polled believe that 2003 will bring significantly more demand for recruitment services. 25% of respondents predicted little change, and less than 20% believe that 2003 will bring worsening conditions.

The results are in stark contrast to a similar poll conducted at year-end 2001, in which a similar sample of recruiters predicted a worsening market for 2002. By most accounts, those predictions came true, as the past year
has proven to be the most difficult on record for the recruitment industry as a whole.

The AIRS poll was conducted in a three-part series that gauged attitudes about the current and future recruitment market, and steps recruiters are taking to prepare for 2003. The survey was conducted through AIRS daily
newsletters, which are sent to over 50,000 recruiters and HR professionals.