Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

AI headhunting will transform the technology recruitment industry

360Work launches Hire Smart SaaS Platform

360Work today launches Hire Smart, bringing the insight and data analysis power of AI to recruiters.

The Hire Smart SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform delivers the precision of a highly connected and research-driven traditional head-hunter, alongside automation, scale and depth enabled by AI technology.

Says 360Work CEO Saman Aria-Nejad, “Our goal, achieved today, was to set a new benchmark in tech talent acquisition. Using AI, we have captured and automated the essence and precision of traditional headhunting, offering a ground-breaking experience customised for each client’s hiring needs. Like other industries, if AI is a transformational force to traditional recruitment, then those who thrive will be the ones who embrace AI technology that can give them a competitive edge. Giving Hire Smart to skilled recruiters turns them into super-heroes.”

At the core of the Hire Smart platform lies its unparalleled talent-sourcing capability, trained for the technology industry. Leveraging automated intelligent algorithms, Hire Smart sifts through millions of both active and passive candidates, ensuring the best matches for each role, predicting how to engage with candidates, and enriching candidate data.

Specifically designed for HR professionals and recruiters within the hardware and software sectors, Hire Smart continuously learns, adapts, and tailors its output. It captures and analyses the distinct DNA of each business while also learning continuously as it is used, assuring that every talent suggestion matches highly specific hiring needs.

The platform’s key features include:

  • Tech-aware platform customised for specific hardware and software technology sectors.
  • Digital Headhunting capability for precise talent targeting and recommendations.
  • Global and multi-platform outreach to fill niche roles.
  • Efficient and cost-effective platform with flexible payment plans.

The Hire Smart platform brings a new era of talent acquisition, making it easier for tech companies to identify and recruit the right talent in an increasingly competitive job market. Hire Smart ensures that businesses stay ahead of the curve and secure the best talents for their teams. 

Says Sir Hossein Yassaie, Chairman of Talentic Ltd., "Hire Smart has been in development for six years and has been painstakingly designed to simplify and optimise the talent acquisition process, with a particular focus on precision and wide talent outreach, ensuring the best candidates are recommended.  Automation, which is based on intelligent and self-learning algorithms, and the system's built-in detailed knowledge of the tech industry, play a central role in the system. With Hire Smart’s digital headhunting, we are revolutionising the way companies will hire talent in the data-driven AI age." 

360Work believes Hire Smart speaks for itself. Click here to book a demo.