Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Affordable Back Office Integration A Reality

Leading accountancy recruitment company Marks Sattin are celebrating the launch of their new integrated recruitment system and web site. More importantly the company is celebrating the low cost with which the project was completed.

Marks Sattin have worked with, the UK''s largest provider of recruitment web sites on an innovative project to link the new dotVacancy 2 system with their existing Bond Adapt internal recruitment system.

Said Marks Sattin Director David Sattin We wanted to be able to utilise the power of our back-office system but maintain cutting edge functionality on our web site. We have worked with 4mat for several years and when they said they had a new set of web site tools that could integrate with our system quickly and at a low cost I was most interested.

The main integration project took under two months and cost under half the amount of a traditional recruitment web site. It allows integration between candidates and vacancies and as well as providing Marks Sattin with leading edge web site facilities will save them an significant administrative time.

4mat Managing Director Giles Guest commented Our new dotVacancy 2 software has been written specifically to link into a wide range of back-office systems and the open and efficient way we have written the code means that it is possible to complete a potentially complex project quickly and at a very low cost.

4mat have produced a step-wise guide to linking web sites to back office systems and this can be obtained by visiting 4mat''s web site at