Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Advice for Managing High Levels of Applications

It comes as no surprise that employers are experiencing a significant rise in the number of applications they are receiving.

The ratio of applicants to available jobs has more than doubled during the pandemic, with some roles attracting increases of more than 1,300*. Compared to the same period in 2019, the response-to-application ratio from March to July 2020 showed an increase of 144% year-on-year.  Recruiters are in a very difficult position. Not only are they dealing with a lack of time and resource to manage this level of interest, but they are also dealing with the emotional pressure which comes with making hiring decisions in this context: deciding who to offer a job to has always been a huge responsibility but, when many of your shortlisted candidates are out of work, desperately want to be in work, and clearly have the skills and abilities required to be in work, the anti is upped.  It is then further raised when you are interviewing them virtually, against a backdrop of their own home, with clear evidence of the lives and families they need to support.

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