Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

A report of the Top 100 online recruitment sites will be available from 1.3.02

The report is based on questionnaires sent to online recruitment magazine's database of sites in the UK

An A-Z listing gives a useful guide to the sites. The report is based on the period December 2000 to December 2001.

The report contains Top 20 tables of who in the report recorded the highest number of page impressions, number of visitors, CVs on the site, number of staff, turnover and the number of placements made through the site.

David Hurst, publisher, points out that the 36 page report will help recruiters to identify sites and those who use online recruitment will find the report a reference for background information as well as statistics. Contact names, telephone numbers and email addresses have all been included. The collective data is interesting, as the top 100 sites averaged, collectively, 11,515,260 visitors per month and received a billion page impressions per month.

The report also gives readers a history of online recruitment based on the news covered by the magazine, highlighting events over the past two years, as well as statistics and projections that have been made by researches into the sector.

The report costs 30 and to receive a copy just email