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93% increase in people searching for cyber security recruitment

Are Companies turning to Recruiters to help them with the Talent Shortage in Cyber Security?

There has been huge growth in the search for recruitment agencies specialising in Cyber security.

A study conducted by technology recruitment company, Finlay James has identified a 93% increase year on year in people searching for cyber security recruitment and related terms in Google.

The news comes after the ISC anticipated a worldwide shortage of 1.8 million cyber security professionals by 2022 but the lack of skills to tackle cybercrime is already causing problems.

One of the most notable increases came from the term ‘cyber security recruitment agency’ which saw an increase of 155%.

Finlay James’ CEO John Gaughan says “Finding qualified, cyber talent is a challenge - but is not impossible. The irony is, in a discussion around technology and online defence, it is actually the human-element to our approach to recruiting that allows our specialist consultants to find these people and build long-lasting relationships.”

Finlay James, who recently won an award for Security Recruitment Company of the Year at the Computing Security Awards, believe tackling the short-to-medium term problem comes down to three things;

Expanding your talent pipeline - Finlay James tackles the cybersecurity candidate shortage by looking beyond traditional technology backgrounds.

Paying for what you get - Cyber skills are hard to come by and organisations need to be prepared to pay to get them.

Developing a strategy for continuous growth and learning opportunities for your talent - Finlay James’ CEO John Gaughan says “Like with our own team here at Finlay James, it is vital to constantly re-skill and engage your cyber team with training. Cyber professionals often demand some kind of continuous learning and if you are not providing them with ongoing growth opportunities, someone else will.”

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*The data has been put together in collaboration with SEO software tool SEOMonitor. Over the periods of February 2018 to August 2018 compared to the previous year.