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8 Writing Tips to Improve Your Business Content

When you create your product/service, you create a demand for it, but how do people find out about your new product?

They will be able to do it only by exploring the content that you create. But it is not enough just to write it; it is necessary to provide the best business content compared to your competitors’ one! We have prepared tips for you on how to improve your business content.

1. The Easier You Write - the Better

“Make your text light, fun, and engaging by keeping it professional, but yet conversational” explains Diana Adjadj, the writer at WoWGrade.

Use only accessible language, easy and understandable words. Users do not have time to decipher complex terminology and look up unknown meanings in dictionaries. When your text is contented in using terminology, it is necessary to immediately provide the transcript.

Note that you can prepare in advance a list of synonyms for complex terms. Such a list will always be useful to you, and you will spend only an hour of time creating it.

By the way, the terms in the text do not confirm your competence in the subject. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite! The simpler, and more accessible you can explain a complex topic, the higher your competence is!

2. Always Start with the Main Point!

The most common mistake found on many sites is a long, irrelevant, and useless introduction. Delete the intro, which introduces the reader in the problematic, it is useless. The user is already well acquainted with the problem and is looking for a solution but not for a dozen sentences that describe the already known problem.

Any text can be reduced by 20% without affecting the content. To make an article strong you need to eliminate water. These words do not bear any information load but only worsen the text.

There are situations when an article is simply filled with useless clichés and redundant words, but there is a bit of meaning in it. To make your article more engaged, check out catchy phrases for the beginning of the article here.

It is also necessary to get rid of all the generalizations. Such phrases are not only meaningless, but they also annoy the reader.

3. Forget About All the Clichés

These are turns that are used in texts/speech so often that they are no longer a means of expression. They have become standard, and so to say "hackneyed" and have already become boring.

It's easy to check if you have made this mistake. To do this, print out a couple of your texts and ask someone you know to make an independent analysis. Another eyes immediately identify the most commonly used expressions! By the way, with the help of a narrow view, you can look at your text from the other side, and significantly improve its quality. So you can safely use it on an ongoing basis.

4. Put Specificity in the Text and Give Examples

Your text must be 100% objective. Add only specific and accurate information.

Figures, comparisons and examples are needed. They help the reader to more clearly present what you are talking about. Instead of writing “we have completed many projects” it is better to write “we have completed 1240 projects”.

If the numbers are not very clear and do not help to clearly imagine what you are talking about, then use comparisons. Perhaps a link to statistics or expert opinion would be appropriate in your text. Simply put, add more useful information, and the reader will be grateful to you.

It is especially important to use such techniques when writing selling texts. Facts will help a potential client understand why it is worth choosing your product or contact your company.

Where to get these facts? Interesting, and accurate information can be found online. Just refer to authoritative sources.

5. Use Internet Services for Your Content

If you have any difficulties with the texts, you can use the following online tools.

  • Studicus: In this online service, you can order the writing of high-quality essays and various texts. There are professionals who can handle in a short time and write the text of any complexity.
  • BestEssayEducation: In addition to academic assignments, you can order copywriting services on this website. The company provides high-quality text without plagiarism at reasonable prices.
  • Grammarly: With this online tool, you can check absolutely any text for free. The tool displays grammatical and punctuation mistakes and options for how to fix them.
  • Hemingway: In addition to grammatical errors, this free service will help to work out the structure of your text. You can improve the readability of the text, change complex sentences, and make it more qualitative.
  • PaperRater: This is a free resource that helps make the text better and detect errors. Also, using this application, you can check your text for the presence of plagiarism.

6. Structure Your Texts

Reading huge texts is not a simple matter. Readers are not pleased with articles in which there is no logical structure.

There are services that "record" the actions of users on the site. With their help, it is possible to make the conclusion that people often do not read the text entirely. More often, they view it diagonally and “grab” interesting moments. Your task is to provide the reader with an opportunity to quickly look at the text and find the necessary information without reading everything from beginning to end.

How to do it? Break the text into short paragraphs (5-7 lines), add subheadings, numbered and bulleted lists, images. When looking at an article, a person should not have thought: “I cannot master such a large text.”

7. Always Check Your Text

No matter how well you write, always check your text! It often happens that you can make typos or simply overlook an elementary mistake. Take it as a rule and use it every time you write absolutely any text.

On the Internet, there are numerous applications and services with which you can check your text. Moreover, there are quite a few free services, so it’s not logical to neglect their use. You can use such services as GrabMyEssay and TrustMyPaper to make your text better.

8. Give Your Content a New Life

Try using the tactics of writing content on a popular topic. If you have one successful article, then think about how to give it a second life. If you have written a very popular article, then it will be quite difficult for you to create an equally successful article again.

One of the methods for solving this problem will be rewriting. The creation of a simpler version of the article will work well, you need to write it in other words for a wider audience. You can also offer other sites to publish your successful articles (in abbreviated form with reference to your article). Many sites use this principle. Thus, you can influence the conversion of your site by attracting new and so to speak a warm audience.

As you can see, in order to make your text qualitative, you just need to spend a little time! With the help of these recommendations, you can independently bring your content to a new level. And high-quality content is a direct path to conversion! Take your time and apply all this to your business content!