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8 Boxes That a Reliable Write My Essay Service Should Tick

There could be a dozen reasons why you need help with your academics

Sometimes, it is because you do not have sufficient time to do the research. On other occasions, you might not be entirely confident in your writing skills. Regardless of why you need an essay service, the question is how you are going to find the right one. So let us get to the point without wasting any more time.

To get you started, we have created a checklist of metrics that you should consider while choosing your essay writing service.

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To get you started, we have created a checklist of metrics that you should consider while choosing your essay writing service, also to know how to start an LLC check out moneybrighter

Services Provided

If you are looking for immediate help, you might already have a specific essay type in mind to search for. However, in case you have a bit more time to spare, it is best to find an essay writing service that can offer all kinds of academic assignments. 

This way, you do not have to waste time in the future searching for platforms to get help with different types of school papers. In general, an essay writing service that can write my essay can also assist you in other aspects, such as:

  • Do research for term papers;
  • Customize papers;
  • Offer help in creating a thesis statement;
  • Proofread and edit your essay;
  • Format and reference a paper. 

However, as you can guess, not every platform offers the same quality across all its services. You need to know what are their best products and which ones you need the most.

Adaptability to Different Writing Styles

You will come across dozens of essay categories during your academic years. If you are writing an expository essay today, next week, you will have to focus on a term paper on a mathematical theory. By the end of your semester, you will likely spend most of your time on a dissertation or a thesis.

The academic platform you choose should have the right resources and expertise to help you across all the different essay styles. Check what types of term papers the platform can handle well.

Experienced Academic Writers

Academic writing is entirely different from blog and content writing. It has specific requirements to  formatting, tone, and critical thinking. That is why you need to find out who will actually be responsible for your essays. If you are writing a postgraduate dissertation, an undergraduate writer's expertise will not be sufficient.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the writing company has professional academic writers who have completed at least your current level of education. For instance, if you are in high-school, you could choose a writer with an undergraduate degree. On the other hand, if you are doing a master's, you would rather prefer someone who holds a master's or a Ph.D. It will also help if they have hands-on experience in the field.

In addition, check whether you are allowed to choose your own writer. Some platforms feature a list of their writers and their performance ratings so you can select your writer. This enables you to communicate your requirements directly with the writer and offer clarifications as needed.

Plagiarism-Free Essays

You might only be using the essay as a reference for your term paper. That said, the writing services are obligated to provide you with unique and authentic papers that will clear any plagiarism test. If not, you might as well have referred to Wikipedia for resources. 

However, you will notice that almost all sites guarantee plagiarism-free essays. But not every platform will offer you a proof of their authenticity - without which, their claims are unsupported. Check whether the academic service attaches a plagiarism report with their essays. It will add to their credibility, as well as assure you that the paper is tailored for your requirements.


Most likely, you are looking for essay help because you are running out of time. As such, you want platforms that can provide you with essays as fast as possible without compromising the quality. A top-notch service can complete a good essay within 6 hours of you placing the order.

If you find services offering quicker turnarounds, you have to be cautious because this might translate to poor writing quality. Remember that the more time you give to the writers, the better the paper will turn out. We recommend that you consider time for revisions as well, in case you need any changes.


Free Revisions

If you have provided clear requirements, the writing service must be able to match your expectations. The most reputable writing companies provide free revisions to ensure customer satisfaction.

That said, you also need to find out how you can get these revisions and how long will it take them to provide revised papers. Some sites also imply that modifications are offered only for a specific number of days after completing the paper.

In any case, you have to find out what the conditions and policies are regarding free revisions.

Customer Service

Good customer service is an aspect that is non-negotiable these days, especially when it is something concerning the quality of your education. Preferably, it is best if you can find a service that offers customer support 24/7. Also, check what means of communication are available to contact the team. For instance, most websites have live chats, emails as well as phone support for their customers.

Thanks to review platforms, it is easier than ever to find out the quality of an essay writing site these days. Make sure that you check for online feedback from third-party websites and student forums to get an unbiased opinion on essay writing services.

Money-Back Guarantee

It is always possible that the writing service failed to meet your expected quality in their writing. Much like any other service, it is only justifiable that you need your money back in such cases. See what the platform is willing to do to ensure the best services.

It is best to choose an academic site that offers a complete money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory results.

Wrapping Up

With the number of essay writing services out there only increasing, it has become a daunting process to choose a reliable platform. However, by going through our checklist, you will be able to weed out sites that are not worthy of your time and money.