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7 Reasons Why Denver Is The Perfect Place For Hockey Enthusiasts to Call Home

All of us have that one thing that we just can’t live without, but that thing is not some sort of biological need.

Even when we are physiologically fully satisfied, there is still something more we want from life. Life is not just fulfilling these physiological needs, it is about making dreams come true through both the highs and lows of life. Sports enthusiasts know this feeling all too well, and hockey enthusiasts can vouch for this.

Making dreams come true for hockey fans requires them to usually live in a place where hockey is played more. You can’t really have a hockey team in a Mediterranean country where ice during winter is pretty rare. However, everyone knows about Denver’s spirit for cold winter sports, especially hockey. It is time to uncover why Denver is the perfect place for hockey enthusiasts to call home through these 7 reasons.

1.Housing market

We all know that the housing market was hit hard in the past few years, but Denver is a bit different. This is why getting the fastest alerts on new Denver homes for sale is important, to find some new and cheaper options. One of the reasons why the housing market was hit hard is none other than by giant real estate corporations such as Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin. Not only are there serious allegations against them for artificially creating a bubble, but there is a lot more.

It is estimated that they made over $1.4 billion in 2021 not by selling real estate, but rather by selling clients’ private information. They really do not care about showing you homes at affordable prices, they just want more cash in their pockets. Individual real estate agents from top real estate brokerages are a different story compared to mega-corporations. They are held to much higher standards and they profit more from being more client-oriented.

2.Pros of Denver

Besides good housing prices, Denver has a lot of other things to offer to their newcomers. When it comes to utilities and other expenses, you will not be paying as much for them as you would expect. Groceries, gas, and other commodities are around twice cheaper in Denver compared to San Francisco.

Denver is a city full of young people, meaning if you are just moving out of your home, you will find like-minded people here. With so many young people, you can expect a lot of fun events and entertainment besides living for the sake of living. You will never have to worry about dull and boring bars and clubs and you will always be surrounded by great food options. After long matches of hockey out in the cold, you really want to refuel with some nice and warm food.

3.Job opportunities

You can’t live on hockey alone, even if it is your true love unless you are a professional player. If this is your true love in the sense you love it even without money, that makes you a real fan. It is unfortunate that true love can’t bring bread to the table, but Denver has a lot of job opportunities for you.

With so many young people here, a lot of them are diverging from the norm and starting new businesses. You are bound to see many people with big dreams here who want to do something new and bring something new to the world. And among this beauty of chasing dreams, you will be able to make a living while doing something exciting. You may not always find a job that you can fall in love with, but it is much better to be ok than to suffer at your workplace.


Denver is one of the sunniest cities in the US with a major pro of it not being too hot around. It is also very funny in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, but it is also way too hot there to do anything. However, Denver is full of sun and it has a perfect climate with the best temperatures all year round. Sun is very important for us on both physical and mental health levels, our bodies do not like it when it is gray outside.

And Denver is the city for hockey enthusiasts for those reasons, it still gets very cold here and in nearby places. Nature is a very important aspect of Denver and if it isn’t chilly in Denver, it sure is on mountain tops nearby. Denver has regular winter cycles and winter here is truly beautiful in the city and in the surrounding nature. Denver is as central as it gets, and if you want to experience other climates, every other climate is pretty close to you.


One of the reasons why many don’t get to enjoy nature is because it is usually too far away from cities. However, you do not need to make long journeys in Denver in order to enjoy some nature, it is right at its doorstep. The mountains are beautiful and you can always enjoy a hike here no matter the level of your physical fitness.

As a hockey enthusiast, you probably love staying fit and you also love nature during winter times. You will always find some nature to enjoy here and you will also find a lot of places to play hockey both inside and outside. Playing hockey in the open is especially exciting and you will find many other like-minded enthusiasts out here. This is why Denver is also beautiful, it is the social aspect of enjoying all of this with other people.

6.Sport culture

Sports culture runs deep in Denver, not just for hockey, but other sports. You also probably enjoy other sports besides hockey and you will be able to enjoy them in Denver. Everyone knows the Denver Broncos and their huge impact on football. You will always be able to find someone to play football with you when you just want to play something else.

Basketball is another sport that has deep roots in Denver’s sports culture. The Denver Nuggets are a great example of how popular basketball is here besides hockey. And we can’t forget about the Colorado Avalanche, one of the reasons why people love hockey so much. These are just the main popular sports, but you will always find enthusiasts here of other sports which is always a refreshing experience.

Health benefits

Being surrounded by nature and enjoying sports has a lot of health benefits we all need to experience. We were made to be in nature and use our bodies and do the motions our bodies were made to perform. Without that, our bodies are not happy and they will deteriorate physically, which also quickly reflects on our mental health.

Combine these healthy habits with a good diet, and you will not need to worry about any disease hitting you for a long, long time. We are already in a health deficit just by existing in these modern and industrial cities due to pollution. The air around us is making us sick and food contaminations are just another kick while our health is already low. It is important to understand these facts when thinking about moving to Denver and other cities oriented to the health of its residents.

7.Future of Denver

The future's looking bright for Denver due to all the combined factors mentioned earlier. It is a city full of young people who endorse healthy lifestyles which are easily fulfilled both in the city and in the surrounding nature. Many people do not get to see so much nature or stay physically active in their lifetime and it is not their fault. The system is made to make us evade these beauties of life and you probably felt this too.

The reason why Denver will stay filled with young people is that they will keep coming here as their ideal escape. They will not need to worry about living the boring life here where they live to see the next paycheck and work for the next one until their last breath. It will continue being a city where people want to go for its beauty and to stay both physically and mentally healthy.

If you truly want to live a fulfilling life, you need to change the surroundings around you that separate you from such a life. This is easier said than done, but it is, unfortunately, true that the circumstances around us dictate the final outcome. If you are surrounded by an urban jungle made to enslave you and milk you for profit, you can’t experience true life. And yet, you are aware of this and you are not in such an urban jungle by your own personal choice.

Unless you have the money to escape, you probably won’t be able to escape such hellholes that a lot of people live in. And the question of whether you have money or not is again, usually dictated by your surroundings. This is why we need systemic changes to make this world a beautiful place filled with more cities like Denver. The solution to this problem is not just moving to a different city, it is about giving everyone an opportunity to live a fulfilling life independently of their income.