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7 popular jobs that power the casino sector

Thanks to new technologies, the growth of online casinos has meant that people from all across the world are getting involved in traditional casino games.

The live casino sector has boomed over the past few years. Thanks to new technologies, the growth of online casinos has meant that people from all across the world are getting involved in traditional casino games. However, it takes a whole army of people to power this sector, from the staff running the show on the centre stage, to those behind the scenes that many don’t know about.

The casino industry is creating vital jobs, especially in areas where unemployment rates have typically been high. In Nevada alone, the casino industry has created 10,200 jobs in June 2021 alone, decreasing employment rates in the area by 69%. These astonishing facts show just how vital the casino sector is to the world economy.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the different roles of employees in the casino sector, from the classic one’s to those behind the scenes.

Casino Host

A Casino Host works in physical casinos and has a focus on guest outreach and brand management. They are in charge of connecting guests with casino VIP programmes and exclusive benefits that keep players coming back. Often, a casino host is able to hand out exclusive benefits like VIP booths or access to VIP areas of the bar for certain customers.

Their role is essential in ensuring guests have a great time and keep returning.


The marketing team plays a vital role for both physical and online casinos, helping to drive brand awareness and compete against the competition. One of the ways marketers do this is by creating and maintaining a powerful website for guests to interact with. They’ll also set up customer outreach programs via email, create paid ads to generate traffic to the site and even host PR initiatives.

Marketing also works closely with the HR team to build up a strong employer brand in order to attract and retain the best talent to work for the company.

Director of Operations

The director of operations is a senior role within the casino sector, with salaries often exceeding $150,000. However, with this comes significant responsibilities as they are responsible for everything from events, to tournaments, supervising other casino staff, overseeing casino operations and creating new business strategies.

The success of the business depends directly on the Director of Operations who must keep everything moving like clockwork. To gain a role of this level, candidates usually need a relevant bachelor's degree in a business related subject, as well as around 10 years experience in the casino sector.

Gaming Surveillance Officer


Gaming Surveillance Officers play a crucial part in regulating casino activity, making sure that all games are being played fairly and that no illegal activity is going on. As more than just a security guard, Gaming Surveillance Officers usually work in 24 hour surveillance rooms and use a range of sophisticated technologies to monitor activity.

Gaming Surveillance Officers will need a high school diploma and will receive on the job training. They earn an average salary of around $12 per hour and have the opportunity to progress to management level.

Internal Auditor

Internal Casino Auditor’s work to ensure data from casino operations is being handled correctly, as well as checking for failures, compliance and fraud. The Internal Auditor will often work long hours, weekends and night shifts.

To gain this role, candidates will often need a degree in finance or accounting, as well as being certified by the relevant public body in the local area. Average salaries are around $52,000 per year.


At the heart of the actions, dealers are an essential part of the casino. Dealers are in charge of running the table games and well, you guessed it, dealing out cards. As a customer facing role, it is incredibly important for a dealer to be very outgoing and charismatic, especially since a lot of their earnings are based on tips.

However, that’s not all it takes. A Casinos dealer must also be highly knowledge in the games they are a part of.

Casino Property General Manager

The Casino Property General Manager is responsible for the day to day operations of the casino and its staff. This includes casino operations, monitoring other casino employees and ensuring guests receive an outstanding service.

Candidates going up for the job will need to have around 12 years of experience, but can expect to earn around $200,000 per year.

Overall, there are many varied jobs in the casino sector, some that are front of house and some that offer a little more behind the scenes action. As a growing industry, there are a significant amount of exciting jobs coming up for grabs so keep your eyes peeled.