Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

5 Ways to Attract Great Candidates

Recruiting the right candidates for your roles can be a frustrating process.

Recruiters are constantly thinking of new ways to attract the best talent, but the simplest methods are usually the best in reality. Here are 5 ways companies can bring in perfect candidates that fit their roles like a glove.

Make Your Business Environmentally Friendly

You have probably heard of the green consumer, but what about the green candidate? Conscious candidates will look at your opportunity favorably if they know that their potential new role is less harmful to the environment than roles offered by your competitors. Going green can help you find candidates and protect profits at the same time. The less water you use, the smaller your business water charges will be, and the greener your business will appear to potential candidates.

Offer Hybrid Working

Modern remote working platforms like Google Teams, Slack, and Zoom have made working from home a viable alternative to coming into the office. This gives employers the chance to offer hybrid working arrangements to their candidates without impacting performance. In addition, some flexibility over whether a candidate has to come into the office can be very attractive.

Hire From Within

Sometimes the best candidates for a job are quite literally staring you in the face every morning. There are plenty of benefits to hiring candidates from within your existing staff – including the knowledge of institutional problems that need to be fixed existing staff will have. In addition, existing staff will be aware of the internal culture of your organization.

Make Promotional Routes Clear

The best candidates are ambitious. Unfortunately, companies are not hiring candidates for the long run and providing them with options for promotion – partially because of a culture of outsourcing to recruitment agencies that are benefitted from constant hiring at all levels. According to a recent report in the Harvard Business Review, the quality of candidates has declined because not enough promotional opportunities are being made clear to them. The pressure to hire externally for every senior role has made promotional paths look rocky at best. Buck this trend and let your candidates know that they have a bright developmental future.

Make Use of Employee Referral

Your trusted employees are your best sources of information about potential candidates for a role. Setting up an employee referral program can help you identify perfect candidates and gain insights into their working styles that you would never get from CVs or cover letters.

You do, of course, need to be wary of nepotism when relying upon employee referral to find new staff. Try and confirm any information you receive through employee referrals in interviews and tests. Even if you plan to rely upon employee referral to find staff, you need to be careful not to fall foul of employment laws, which often state that positions need to be advertised publicly to eliminate inequality and nepotism. Treat employee referral as an information-gathering tool instead of a way of bypassing recruitment best practices.