Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

5 Tips on How to Successfully Recruit and Keep Employees in Sweden

Recruiting and keeping employees happy is a major part of any business.

You hired the right guy for the job but if you cannot keep him for long then all the extra work you did for hiring them is a waste. So, companies and successful businesses want to keep their employees as long as possible. Here are 5 tips for successfully hiring in Sweden:

1. Creating the perfect job description

A good job description goes a long way in hiring in any country let alone in Sweden. Good candidates are confident in their ability and will not waste their time applying to some job where the company does not even know what they want them to.

If you’re wondering how to hire a developer, you need to know that you have to mention what he needs to know and what he will be doing. If it involves communicating with clients directly then mention it, because not every developer is good at communicating with people.

2. Strategize on how you want to hire the right recruit

This is an important part of successfully recruiting new employees. After you have the job description ready, your next step will be to go ahead and have a meeting with your current employees who will oversee the recruiting process.

If you are hiring a junior marketing executive, it is important to discuss with the senior marketing executives to understand what qualities are fit for this position. Because those who are batting on the pitch can tell how well the pitcher throws.

This will certainly take you a great amount of time and effort,

3. Keeping a checklist

Hiring in Sweden is made easier if you keep a checklist of what qualities you want. The candidates you will be interviewing will all be very skilled, which can make the process of choosing the best recruit tough. That is why we suggest you keep a checklist helping you to be focused on what makes the ideal candidate for you.

4. Multiple Screening process

This is one of the best methods for when hiring a recruit. You see if you post a job post online, thousands of people see it and hundreds of them will apply for the job.

It is hard to judge a person’s quality only by looking at their CV. That is why adding a screening process based on the job can determine if the candidate is worth it or not.

5. The interview

A face to face interview is often the final step towards your recruiting process. So, it is important to ask the right question for hiring. Prepare a list of questions relevant to the job which you expect the candidate to answer. In this way, you will be able to know whether the person you are hiring is right for you or not.

After reading the 5 tips on successfully recruiting in Sweden, you should be able to hire the right candidate. Now, that you have your ideal employee it is time for you to keep them happy. How are you going to do it? Read the 5 tips below to find out:

1. The work-life balance

We need to have a balance between work and life to function properly. Your employees need to make sure they have their work-life balance in order so they feel satisfied when working for you.

2. Make them part of the bigger picture

Remember your employees and you are on the same team. If they win you win so it is your responsibility to make them believe in the bigger picture. As humans, we work better if we believe we are part of something big.

3. Be honest

Being honest with your employees helps them connect with you. If you see someone slacking off at work but you know they have the potential, to be honest with them and tell them how they can improve without scaring them and telling them you will fire them.

4. Set goals and reward for them

If you are a sales company, you can set a weekly sales goal and reward your employees with a company dinner if they reach the goal.

5. Motivate your employees

Sometimes your employees may not see the bigger picture and at that time it is your job to help them see it. Tell them what they can do to earn a promotion as it will help them focus and work even harder.

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