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5 Effective Ways to Recruit New Franchisees

An essential part of running any franchise is ensuring that you have enough franchisees to replace the ones who decide to sell or give up their franchises.

Recruiting new franchisees might seem like a daunting task, but following these five franchise marketing tips will help you make sure you’re doing it in the most effective way possible and that your franchise system doesn’t become vulnerable due to a lack of franchisees in the future.

Why it's crucial to recruit new franchisees

One of a franchisor’s biggest challenges is finding new franchisees. It’s crucial for business owners who want to expand their reach and boost their profits by bringing in people outside of their inner circle, which will become integral members of their teams. Many people still have a negative association with franchising, but having already-trained and experienced staff helps simplify some of those concerns while adding a much-needed dynamic to keep things fresh and exciting. To recruit new franchisees, here are five effective ways you can market your business

Best ways to recruit franchisees

There are many ways franchise owners can recruit franchisees to their franchise opportunities but below we list the five most effective ways. This should help anyone who has just launched their franchise find which way would suit them best and their budget since when you are new to franchising your business there is usually a lot of trial and error but we hope this advice can remove some of that so you can focus on the marketing that matters and gets results!

1) Discovery days

One method of attracting new franchisees to your franchise that works particularly well is discovery days—or, simply put, getting potential franchisees in front of you so you can show them what your company has to offer. Invite prospective franchise owners on tour or arrange an event where they can get to know more about your brand and speak with current business owners. While these methods will be more effective than other marketing options they usually are on the more expensive side of franchise marketing.

2) Franchise shows

Franchise shows such as the national franchise exhibition are another really popular option for anyone looking to recruit new franchisees fast. Franchise shows are still a popular option in franchise marketing but are getting slightly smaller since now people usually prefer to do things online and not in person but this does not mean franchise shows are dead, you can still achieve results if you make a decent size investment. This is another higher cost option but can sometimes deliver well for signing up new aspiring franchise business owners.

3) Franchise directory advertising

Franchise directories are probably the best option if you are looking for the best marketing advertising on a lower cost. Even though its a lower cost option it does usually outperform the first two options listed above since now people do prefer to do their research online for example someone is more likely to google a query such as "franchises for sale" from the comfort of their own home than visit a franchise show in person and pay to visit. There are many franchise directories you can advertise on such as as an example.

4) Social media marketing

Social media is a great way to build your brand and get recognition for your franchise. To promote and recruit, keep an eye on relevant hashtags and post content that will be of interest. Social media can also help you gain valuable insight into what people are looking for from a franchise and allow you to address questions they might have. If someone is interested in learning more about franchising but has specific questions, social media can provide answers right away! Be sure you have a solid social presence before you launch your franchise; potential franchisees need to know that they can find reliable information about your business through their preferred platforms. And make sure not all of your attention goes toward promotion—be sure you’re engaging with folks who may be interested in buying into your system!

5) Google ads marketing

Google AdWords offers some of your best, most cost-effective options for reaching prospective franchisees online. Google lets you show your ads only to people searching for certain keywords and phrases—but you can specify where these searches appear as well as how much you’re willing to pay per click. This allows you to target prospects more effectively than traditional methods, while also cutting down on costs by showing your ads in specific geographic locations. If someone clicks on your ad, they’ll see a bit more information about what it is you do and how it works; if they're interested, they can opt in by entering their name and email address—and before long, you could have a new franchisee on board!


There are a lot of different ways to recruit new franchisees. In addition, there are a variety of sources that can help attract potential new franchisees. When you’re thinking about how you want to go about recruiting for your franchise, it’s important that you consider your own strengths and weaknesses. Also, it’s important that you consider what works best for you and your current situation with both time and money invested in building your team of recruits. Once you have that information, start identifying different ways in which you can fill out those spaces on your teams of franchisees. You never know what may work best for your franchise business until you try! Also if you have an established franchise and are considering selling the whole business you can also market on websites like Businesses For Sale UK which are a UK-based businesses for sale directory.