Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

5 Best Smartphones for Business Networking in 2022

Using a smartphone for business networking can be a great way to stay in touch with clients, partners, and vendors.

To make the most of your networking efforts, consider investing in one of the five most recommended smartphones for business networking in 2022.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Designed for enterprise workers, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone is a high-powered device with ultra-premium connectivity, performance, and security. The S21 features an ultra-wideband chip that allows seamless access to office spaces, buildings, and other locations. It also includes an optical 10x lens with Dual Pixel(2PD) AF.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra also supports wireless keyboard and mouse connectivity among its many features. This helps professionals multitask between various applications without the need to toggle back and forth between them. The phone is also IP68 certified against ingress of dust, and the case features a matte finish on the back.

Samsung's Knox Vault is also integrated into the SoC, which is designed to safeguard sensitive files. In addition, the Knox fingerprint reader was improved from previous models, with a 77% larger fingerprinted reader area and a 50% faster read speed. The fingerprint reader also supports 1.7x more biometric data than its predecessor!

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Until recently, the Samsung Galaxy Note series has been a productivity-first enterprise device. With its S-Pen stylus, wireless connectivity, and sizeable optimized display, the Note series has been a powerhouse for years.

The Galaxy Note series was also the first to adopt Corning Gorilla Glass solutions. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the first to have Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, twice as scratch-resistant as the previous generation!

The Galaxy Note 20 is also the first to have an S Pen, a handy little tool for taking notes.

iPhone 14 Pro

Whether upgrading from an older iPhone or getting a smartphone for the first time, the iPhone 14 and its variants are a great choice. It's got a sleek design, water resistance, and a lot of cool features ideal for networking.

The iPhone 14 Pro has many advanced features, including a 6.1-inch adaptive-refresh-rate screen, a slicker user interface, and a new, upgraded camera.

However, iPhones tend to be more susceptible to damage than other smartphones, so investing in an iPhone 14 pro case is wise if you do decide to go with Apple.

Sony Xperia Pro

The Xperia Pro has a 6.5-inch screen with a resolution of 4K. The screen supports a 240Hz response rate, faster than most standard displays.

The Sony Xperia Pro also has a dedicated shutter button. This feature allows you to capture lively portraits with the camera, which is perfect for capturing those all-important networking moments! Its primary camera features a 2.4mm pixel pitch and a focal length of 24 millimeters. It also features ZEISS optics, which contributes to the high-quality image rendering.

Nokia XR20

Despite being made by one of the world's most well-known mobile manufacturers, the Nokia XR20 is a ruggedized smartphone. The company's latest device has been designed to withstand the elements and can even survive a dunk in water for up to an hour!

 The XR20 also comes with a key 5G field router, making it ideal for secure communications in hazardous environments. Perfect for the outdoor entrepreneur!

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when your mobile phone was exclusively for calling and texting. Modern smartphones are powerful devices that are perfectly capable of helping you to scale your business networking efforts exponentially.

Consider investing in a smartphone consistent with your business lifestyle, harnessing its potential, and watch your professional network take off!