Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

5 Best Candle Scents That Will Help You Boost Creativity

We often undermine the importance of our senses, however, our senses are connected to the emotional center of the brain.

The sensory system has the power to shape and drive our emotions and actions. If we are aware of the strength of our senses we can use it to our advantage by burning candles with certain scents. If you are intrigued by the many uses of candles and aromatherapy it may be interesting to the meaning of a flickering candle flame. These are 5 candle scents that will help you boost creativity:


The jasmine flower is a native flower to tropical regions in Oceania and Eurasia. They are cultivated mostly for the unique characteristic fragrance of their flowers. The scent of jasmine is known to alleviate stress and anxiety. By feeling less stressed or anxious, the brain can switch its focus towards tasks that matter. If you are looking to boost your creativity at work but you find yourself very stressed, Jasmine might be the scent that works to kickstart that creative drive. 

A study published by the Journal of Health Research showed that inhaling the scent of jasmine affected the central nervous system and moods. Brain activity and mood states of the participants were increased, they stated that they felt more energetic and positive. These behaviors will help increase creativity since the brain is now turned on and alert. 


Many of us are passionate lovers of coffee whether we enjoy brewing our own or grabbing a cup at our favorite coffee shop. Hence why coffee-scented candles can easily be found at candle stores.

Coffee scents can provide a sense of comfort and drive since the smell can be related to that of a working environment. This can be used to aid your brain in getting it ready for a productive working time. With the intent of being productive your brain will immediately try harder to tap into creativity. Once you start tapping into your creative side it should begin to come naturally and you won’t have to focus so much on being creative but you’ll be doing it without knowing. 

A study showed that coffee fragrance can also lead to enhanced cognitive parameters. Some of the positive effects coffee can have on our brains include continuity of attention, quality, and speed of memory, and increased mood. 


Cinnamon is another comforting and familiar scent that inspires creativity in the workspace. Since it fills the air with a nostalgic holiday-like feeling, cinnamon creates the ideal creative environment. The popular scent is connected to feelings of joy and happiness. If you are an artist in a workshop, the smell of cinnamon will make your space feel homely and welcoming. Providing a sensation of comfort for everyone working and everyone who passes by.

It can be quite frustrating not being able to get the energy to tap into your creative side when it is needed most. Cinnamon also boosts focus and feelings of well-being by giving you motivation and energy. In the context of a busy office area, this is a great scent to put in an aromatherapy burner for all co-workers to enjoy. Before you know it, the room will be filled with a contagious creative and motivated buzz. Using a cinnamon-scented candle all year round will surely improve morale in any office or working space.  


Lavender is known to aid our ability to express hence why it is dubbed as the oil of communication. When we are beginning a new project or exploring new ideas, insecurities sometimes surface around these times. Lavender scents are great for calming and moving past these initial insecurities. At times when we are anxious, our sense of smell can be lost however, lavender can reduce anxious feeling even when the ability of aroma is not strong. 

Other than this lavender is also known to improve concentration and recharge the brain. If you are feeling drowsy and need a quick life in spirits, lighting a lavender-scented candle should get the job done. Not only will you be creative but you will also have the concentration to power on through your work. The soft fragrance of the lavender flower creates beautifully scented candles that bring out our honest emotions and encourage us to create.


You may be familiar with the other citrus scents such as lemon or orange but the tangerine is a scent worth exploring. A tangerine scented candle will make your mouth water as soon as the tangy smell infuses into the air. All the citrus scents have a similar tarte hint in their aroma however, tangerines are well known for giving a kickstart to your creative drive. 

The extra sweetness of tangerine scents compared to the other fruits activates your brain to focus. The aroma will guide you to find your focus and concentration on any project. Along with this, the scent inspires a deep positivity that comes along with the flow of creative juices. Tangerine candles will spark your creativity and keep you focused while creating a calm working space.