Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec release new recruitment web site software

dotVacancy2 have just released their new recruitment web site software - dotVacancy2.

dotVacancy2 includes all of the features in the original dotVacancy and adds new and innovative features to help improve the recruitment cycle as well as speed up placement and reduce consultant and administrative workload.

Managing Director Giles Guest said The original dotVacancy based recruitment web site has been the most successful online solution in the UK with more than 300 implementations. It has taken a lot of time and effort listening to clients to make sure that dotVacancy 2 propels our clients and the industry forward over the next 12 months. .

dotVacancy 2 includes new features such as the ability to conduct online interviews and filtering easily through your recruitment web site as well as huge advances in areas such as the candidate community and main web site system. Of particular relevance to recruitment agencies is the new advertising manager that can control and manage all online advertising for a vacancy includes microsites, adverts, job boards and premium jobs.

Paul Glatzel, Director of long time 4mat client Executive Connections commented We have been successfully using dotVacancy 1 for some time and it has brought us enormous benefits. After seeing dotVacancy 2 though we were hugely impressed with the new features and streamlining and are very pleased to be one of the first companies to be implementing the technology.

To celebrate the launch of dotVacancy 2 4mat are offering a free demonstration and consultancy session examining a company''s recruitment web site. Said Guest We want to show agencies and HR departments how to generate income through their recruitment web site and how using dotVacancy 2 can save enormous amounts of time and effort as well as save money. A free consultancy session will means companies can gain real benefit without needing to spend.

The consultancy session or a demonstration of dotVacancy 2 can be requested at 4matís web site