Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

47% Of Employers Use The Internet For Recruitment - 06/2000

IPD Survey Confirms Other Findings

Released at the annual Recruitment and
Selection Conference on 23 May, the IPDís latest survey shows a rise in Internet use amongst recruiters from 36% in 1999 to 47% in 2000. An addition to this yearís survey, beyond the basic usage statistics, is data on the type of electronic media used. The results show that 66% of respondents received application forms by email and 62% publicise jobs on company intranets.

Further details that emerge confirm the finding of other research. 42% of companies recruit professional staff through the net compared to 36% who aim for Managerial level employees and only 23% who search from manual positions.

Commenting on the results, Imogen Daniels, the IPDís employee resourcing adviser said: ìThe internet as a recruitment tool is here to stay. I anticipate more and more employers switching to this method of recruitment. However our research shows that despite the increase, only 1% of recruiters of professional positions viewed it as a useful method, and only 2% of those recruited for managerial or skilled positions view it as being more effective than other methods of recruiting. This may change as more jobs are offered online and job seekers are encouraged to use electronic mediaî.