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4 Ways To Help Finance Your Career As An HR Representative

Building a name for yourself in the human resources industry can enhance your career, but as with any profession, you'll have to exert a lot of effort and pour in resources before you can achieve that goal.

The growth of this industry has attracted countless individuals worldwide to study and pursue careers in HR, which can be a challenge when you’re attempting to build your career as an HR representative. 

Fortunately, you can succeed in your career advancement endeavors by investing in the right tools and honing specific skills that will allow you to stand out from other employees and garner positive recognition from your bosses. However, these don’t come for free. If you're leaning towards this direction, consider looking for ways to finance the betterment of your career through upskilling and gaining additional knowledge about your industry. 

To help you out, here are four ways you can finance your career as an HR representative: 

1. Look For Side Gigs 

If you're one of the many HR representatives who have a 9-to-5 schedule every day, make use of your days-off by looking for side gigs. Earning money on the side has become easier today as many adults tend to hire someone for help when it comes to fulfilling additional tasks or chores. Take advantage of this need by getting side jobs that pay cash on the spot

- Look after pets: A lot of pet owners wouldn't mind paying other people just to make sure that their pets have companions at home. This can become a great earning opportunity as you can get paid to work as a pet sitter. 

- Depending on the needs of the pets, you might have to take them for walks, groom them regularly or feed them during specific times of the day. Some pet owners also expect you to stay with their pets for days when they go away for leisure or work. Make sure these don’t conflict with your regular work schedule as an HR representative.

- Sell unused items: Instead of keeping items that only collect dust and take up valuable floor space, opt to sell them in online marketplaces, such as eBay and Craigslist. You'll be surprised at the amount of money you can make from selling items that are simply lying around your home.

- Become a tutor: Most children, and even teens, require guidance in order to fully understand certain topics. If you believe you're ready to take on that responsibility, work as a tutor during your spare time. You can cater to learners in your area and charge them per hour or per session.  

Aside from being able to earn money to pay for your HR-related training and essential equipment for work, the suggestions here also allow you to take a break from work. Being an HR representative is rewarding but challenging at times, which is why a change of scenery is vital. 

2. Share Your Expertise 

Every business requires human resources. This department is responsible for developing engaged employees, creating a strategic management plan, and minimizing liability issues. Without HR professionals, it'll be challenging for businesses to succeed.  

Your skills and experience as an HR representative are important for individuals and entrepreneurs, so why not share it while also making money from it at the same time? If you're looking for ways to finance your career as an HR representative, consider sharing your expertise in exchange for cash.  

You can do this through the following ways: 

- Become a motivational speaker: Although you won't be able to earn thousands of dollars per stint as you're starting, talking about different HR topics still allows you to earn some cash. This is also a great way to network with HR professionals and inspire individuals to pursue an HR career in the future. 

- Make an online course: Another way you can finance your career as an HR representative is by making and selling HR-related online courses. Depending on your experience, you can tackle general HR topics or focus on one or two topics per online course. 

- Provide online coaching services: The need for professional guidance is one of the reasons small and startup business owners are utilizing online coaching services. You can take part in this growing industry and earn from this by being an online consultant and providing valuable insight into any HR-related issues entrepreneurs might have.

3. Apply For A Loan 

Advancing your career as an HR representative will often require you to gain postgraduate education, join workshops and seminars, and invest in tools that can improve your recruitment and talent management strategies. These things can be beneficial in the long run but will always require a hefty sum of money.  

If you're looking for a foolproof solution to finance your career as an HR representative, consider applying for a loan. Getting a personal loan is an excellent option because it doesn't require any collateral and offers lower interest rates than credit cards. Personal loans also come with a predictable repayment schedule, making it easier for you to manage your finances as you're paying off the loan.  

If you're leaning towards this direction, make sure to compare all of your options. You should only get a loan from a lender that offers reasonable interest rates and repayment schedules, not one that will require you to drain your savings because of excessive fees.  

4. Borrow Money From Your Friends And Family 

It's no surprise that advancing one's career will always require a certain amount of money. Even if you're only going to attend a workshop from one of the most respected HR professionals in the country, expect that money will be a requirement.  

When all else fails, think about borrowing money from your friends and family to help finance your career as an HR professional. Aside from being convenient, borrowing money from people you personally know allows you to enjoy free or low-interest rates, and a longer repayment period.  

When borrowing money from friends and family, be clear about your intentions and inform them about where you're going to use the money. It's also important to let them know about the repayment level you can afford and close the deal with a formal written agreement.  

Look Ahead 

Financing your career as an HR representative can be tough, but it's very doable. You can even project your success in the HR industry in the future and use this as a motivation for you to continuously look for ways and means to finance your career as an HR representative.