Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

3 Tips For Hiring An International Remote Team

Working remotely has never been more popular. Whether people are looking to hire more freelancers or are simply offering their current staff more work at home options, it’s a trend that is set to continue.

If you are building an international team simply because it’s trendy, then you may want to think twice about doing it. But if you are doing it because you have a lot of global clients or you want to create more localized content, then it’s a good idea to go for it. Here are some tips on making sure you are creating a good international remote team.

Localizing Content

Let’s say that you are a French communications firm that creates content for entertainment companies and you are getting a lot of traction from companies in the USA. Whilst your current staff would probably do an excellent job, it’s worth working with people actually based in America to make sure that you are getting spelling, colloquialisms, and local points correct.

That way when it comes to creating a focused, niche article like Bonusfinder US: PA casino apps article, for example, you can really get into specific and localized detail about popular slots and casino apps. Your US-based writer can discuss how people in Pennsylvania can get free spins and bonuses through casino games and give advice suited to them. Having a local writer create the content could also garner more trust from the reader as the idea is that the tone is genuine and knowledgeable. 

Be Aware Of Different Time Zones

It’s really important to be aware that sometimes, there can be huge differences in time zones. So, whilst it’s exciting to have team members from all corners of the globe, you need to be aware that your 9 am might be their 9 pm.

This means you need to be careful when it comes to having team meetings or setting work with deadlines. For example, you might be based in Mexico and have told your translator in Germany to get something in by EOD. But you need to be aware that noon in Mexico will be 7 pm in Germany. Therefore, that urgent Luxinders DE: BE sustainable fashion story probably won’t be ready until the next day.

So, you need to take time differences into account and be aware of this when you are setting and expecting work.

Be Sensitive and Aware

No matter how much of a welcome and open person you are, you still need to be as culturally and geographically aware as possible.

This means making sure you are clued-up on things like country-specific holidays. To help with this, do some research on the countries you are hiring in. This will avoid you making any unnecessary cultural and geographical faux pas. 

For example, you may want a member of your team to write a blog about African public holidays. Do your research, and ask the right team member as holidays in Cameroon are different from those in Madagascar.  

Creating an international team is a great way to reflect on a growing global world. Keep these tips in mind and you will be creating a great international team in no time.