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3 Industries that Offer Jobs for Veterans near Me

A military officer may be retired but not tired. These veterans are not too tired to take the bull by the horn and make a life after making the switch to the labor market.

The odds are not always in their favor when they eventually have to make this challenging switch. But even at that, quite a number of them have done well for themselves.

Their peculiarities just need to be identified and then training on how to make the switch has to be carried out. As things are, more work needs to be done in this regard. This is considering how a very minute percentage of the workforce happens to be ex-military men and women. For more stats stressing the need to help them adjust to the workforce, you can check here.

One of the ways to help these ex-servicemen and women is to provide them with real-time information on jobs that they can do. This article will tow this line by discussing some industries that are open to hiring veterans.

Why the Recruitment of Ex-Military Officials into the Labor Market Is Important

Ensuring that ex-military men and women get a good place in the labor market is important for several reasons. Some of the reasons this has to be taken seriously include the following:

An Idle Veteran Is Bad News for All

Sadly, some ex-military men and women have gone from hero to zero. They have gone from nationally celebrated officials to incarcerated people. The question is how did this happen?

There are several explanations for this but one of them is idleness. So, they need to get busy doing something that would help channel their energy the right way.

Just so you understand how serious this is, some studies have been conducted to see why some veterans end up in jail. Not getting a good placement in the labor market is one of the several causes discovered. This is why getting a job for a veteran should not be difficult.

It Is the Least Honor for a Veteran

It is so sad how some veterans suffer after doing all they could to protect our nation's interests. This is not the right way to appreciate them for their service to this nation. The least that can be done is to make sure they are well placed in the labor market.

This will also mean that their families will not be adversely affected by their leaving the military. This is why platforms that help veterans find jobs near them should be appreciated and engaged.

Industries that Offer Jobs to Ex-Military Officers

There are a handful of industries that are glad to use the expertise of ex-military men and women. A network between these veterans and their prospective employers is one of the things needed.

Thankfully, there are online platforms that make this a possibility and you can make the most of them. Having established this, listed and explained below are some of the industries open to hiring veterans to fill various roles:


Many aerospace manufacturers trust the training process and expertise of military men and women in this line of work. This is why they do not hesitate to engage their services when the need arises.

As explained above, the most important factor in making this happen is using the right platform to facilitate the network between these recruiters and the veterans. Other than working as manufacturers in the aerospace industry, pilots with a military background are also hired by commercial airlines.

There are quite a number of these veterans that now work as commercial pilots. If you would like to find out more, you can visit:


Several ex-military men and women have been exposed to training and tasks that make them a great fit for engineering roles. This is in areas such as software, hardware, electrical, mechanical, civil, and automobile – engineering.

Some of the ex-officers that can fill in some of these engineering roles include MOS 25u, MOS 25s, MOS 3d 1x3, and MOS 25n. So, there are a handful of these veterans that have a lot to offer in the labor market.


Frankly, this should be one of the biggest recruiters of veterans. This is considering how these ex-military men and women are better equipped to offer security services even in the private sector.

The nation’s defense department has a good understanding of how these veterans are very fit for occupying security-related positions. This is why this federal department is the biggest recruiter of ex-military men and women. In the same vein, private security establishments and contractors should make good use of these veterans.

Wrap Up

There are jobs out there for veterans regardless of the roles they played while in service. We have only discussed a few industries open to hiring them because of what they have to offer.

These ex-military men and women also need to understand that there are clear-cut differences between the military and the labor market. This is why they are advised to improve on their interview skills, use the right resume, among other things. It is also important that they use the right platform that connects veterans and prospective employers.