Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

2 million europeans hunt jobs - 10/2000

Europeans use the Internet to find work

Despite seasonal trends, more and more Europeans are turning to the Internet to find a new job. In the UK the number of unique visitors to job sites has more than doubled between January (202,000 unique visitors) and July 2000 (684,000 unique visitors). Similar trends can be seen in France and Germany indicating that people rely on this very easy and convenient way of finding the right job. In Sweden, which had more than 700,000 unique visitors to career sites in January already, the trend is the exact opposite, mainly because of the summer holiday season.

German, French and Swedish users favour the government sites,, and, whereas in the UK people try different sites and don't seem to have a favourite. They look at, and, among others. Career sites popular in Germany include both and, and are among the top career sites in France. In Sweden the career sites and also reach a high number of visitors.

The amount of time spent in the UK more than doubled from February (6.3 average minutes per month) to July (13.5 average minutes per month). In France, Germany and Sweden the amount of time people spend online shows seasonal patterns. In Germany people spent most time on career sites in March (22.1 average minutes per month) and July (23.3 average minutes per month). The French spent most time on career sites in January (33.8 average minutes per month) and May (31.6 average minutes per month). People in Sweden spent most time on career sites in March (33.1 average minutes) and in May (34.4 average minutes).

Arielle Dinard, Managing Director of MMXI Europe, said: The high fluctuation of different sites in the UK indicates that Britons are trying different sites and that they are more responsive to promotional activities.