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12 recruitment sectors experiencing high demand for staff

By Emma Parkins, TBOS

Although it’s an unfortunate time for some recruitment sectors, there has been a significant increase in ‘key worker’ industries, these include a range of front line and emergency roles within healthcare, social care and logistics.

Having said that, there are other recruitment sectors that are a little less obvious than the ones we have previously mentioned, but who are also seeing an increase in demand for staff.

These recruitment sectors include:

  • IT, cyber security and data infrastructure workers
  • Food production, processing, distribution and sales workers
  • Bank, building society and payment providers
  • Postal and delivery workers across a range of sectors delivering goods including food, retail and Amazon parcels etc.
  • Telecommunication and call centre workers across energy, broadband and customer services roles
  • Oil, gas, electricity, water and sewerage workers
  • Cleaning and waste disposal workers
  • Civil nuclear and chemicals workers
  • Manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment
  • Death and funeral management workers
  • Prison and probation staff
  • Various national security roles


According to TBOS figures over the last two weeks, we have seen a 35% increase in contract placements within driving and delivery roles, with a significant 40% drop in our permanent invoicing across all of our agencies in various sectors.

recruitment sector increase

With that in mind, contract recruitment is becoming more and more popular among our agencies.

This is probably due to the fact that 40% of our clients operate within the IT sector, which means the majority of their roles allow remote working.

But if you look at our overall contractor book,  80% of the contractors we process do have the ability to work from home, meaning this is still producing a steady income for many of our contract recruitment clients across various sectors.


Over the weeks that follow, TBOS will continue to look our data and we will be working with our preferred suppliers to produce insights that keep our recruitment community informed.

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