Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

1.2 million hours of learning content consumed in a single week in March says LinkedIn

As people adapt to working from home or see their employment circumstances change, many are dedicating more time to learning new skills, according to LinkedIn - the world’s largest professional network.

In the UK, time spent viewing LinkedIn Learning content increased by 73% during March, and more than 1.2 million hours of learning content was consumed in a single week. 

Three-times as many people watched stress management courses on LinkedIn in March compared to the previous month, and “remote working” searches have tripled since January. 

The top 3 most watched courses on LinkedIn in the UK are: 1) Thriving@Work: Leveraging the connection between wellbeing and productivity,  2) Productivity Tips: Finding your productive mindset and 3) Time management: Working from home

Namrata Murlidhar, Marketing Director at LinkedIn Learning said: “Investing time in personal growth and learning relevant new skills can be done from anywhere, and can help people keep stimulated, focused and calm in this time of uncertainty. Learning new skills also builds confidence, which helps people to be great at their job today, and open doors to new opportunities tomorrow. 

We’ve seen a surge in people wanting to learn - a recent poll of LinkedIn members showed that 51%* of those who responded are spending more time learning new skills. Popular courses on the platform include how to keep productive and motivated while working from home, as well as learning how to improve their wellness and reduce their stress levels.”

LinkedIn has opened up over 30 learning courses to help people continue investing in their development, no matter what their circumstances. With courses for job seekers, SMBs, talent professionals, and anyone wanting to manage stress, there is something available for everyone. 

*Based on poll of LinkedIn members (312 UK respondents; March 2020)