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10 benefits of being freelance writer at 2018

In a world where most people are getting increasingly irritated and disgruntled with the traditional 9-5 employment regiment where they have hassle through the wobbly ladder of corporate struggle to earn, Freelancing seems to be the way forward.

Flexibility, freedom, and ease of work are the more obvious benefits of freelancing. But even at a closer perspective, most people shackled with the regular 9-5 usually gets hit with the epiphany that they can get a lot more done for themselves with half the effort they put at floating other people’s company. Hence, wide-ranging statistics have shown that more people are pulling the plug on 9-5 and embracing the advantages of being a freelance writer. There are many websites that give amazing tips on how to be a freelancer. But first, go through ten advantages of being a freelancer given below.

Your Mornings can be spent at better things than chasing the commuter train

How would you like to wake every morning and not have to knock things over in a rush to catch the 7am train? Freelance writing allows you to work from home, hence giving you the absolute prerogative on how you decide to spend your mornings (and evenings.). Certainly, commuting on a grumpy train packed full with other half-awake commuters will not come anywhere your top ten choices.

Work from your Kitchen slab, in plain clothes

Or from your toilet seat, while entirely naked. Just kidding, but you get the point. You don’t have to choke in ties and suits or worry about a certain length of the skirt. The routine of dressing the same way daily can get very drudgery. Freelancing absolutely gives you total control over your wardrobe.

You don’t have to suffer through an Intolerable colleague and office politics

Sure, there a lot more places where you’ll have to put up with saucy people but the traditional workplace in cubicles and office space can be the worst of all. A freelance writer gets to choose his colleagues, partners, and associates. And since there is no boss or supervisor to impress, you can do away with a lot of contentions and bad blood.

Financial Independence and Multiple Streams of Income

Since you get to decide how much you will charge your clients, freelance writing allows you to stay on top of your earnings. Thus, you can get paid more squarely and commensurably for your services and skillset. There is no risk of undervaluation since you conveniently and politely decline offers that don’t meet your service quality.

Dynamic Workplace Climate

The freelancing world is one that accommodates all sorts of skill set and services. This allows the freelancer to rotate skills and juggles services depending on which provides the most lucrativeness for the time being. This is certainly unlike the usual job engagement where the progression is virtually linear and offers very little modular conveniences.  

Flexible and adjustable work hours

Whether you decide to work 2 hours on the hallowed Monday and work 18 on Friday, it is your choice. Freelance writing usually means working with deadlines and while not being indolent, determines when they report back to the client(s). You decide when to take breaks and when to pull an all-nighter.

Reward yourself with what you truly deserve

When most companies decide to throw perks the way of employers, it is usually with the ulterior motive to sync them up and improve turnover and not really from the goodness of their hearts. But as a freelancer, you know what you actually worth and deserve, and you go ahead and get it for yourself. A vacation to Cuba, a weekend on a fancy yacht or deep tissue massage, it is all within your whims. These occasional indulgence helps to improve overall self-worth and confidence and you are motivated for the next gig.

Job security

Yes, that is right. The economy is definitely not having it easy with most companies in recent years, hence the surge in the rate of layoffs and disengagement shows clearly that we’re well past the work-for-life era. The Freelancing climate, however, provides refreshing opportunities to stay competitive in the business of offering relevant skills and services. The flexibility afforded by freelancing in the aspect time and work location allows for taking up of new and relevant skills. Professionals who write for essay service in the UK have done so perfectly for so long and gotten thousands of excellent essays done. They certainly feel confident about their job.

Multi-Faceted Exposure

A great benefit of freelancing is that it brings you in contact with a wide range of opportunities spanning diverse professions, personalities, and even culture. It helps to foster interpersonal skills and the ability to handle situations with adept expertise.

Be your own boss

This goes without saying, and it is an absolute no-brainer. You are your own CEO, CFO, COO and pretty much every other fancy 3 letter worded encomiums out there. You can learn to develop and nurture a great sense of direction, focus, and purpose. This is considered the Hail Mary advantage of being a freelance writer.