Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Truthsayers® launches with ground-breaking employee engagement survey

A pioneering new employee engagement survey, combining an innovative technology platform and neuroscience for the first time, is being launched by Truthsayers®, a Neurotech® company.

E-Cubed®  (Employee Emotional Engagement), powered by Truthsayers, is easy to operate on a phone, tablet or computer, providing a hassle-free new approach, designed to solve the inherent problem enlightened HR professionals and business leaders have faced for decades – finding out how employees truly feel at work.

E-Cubed is the only employee engagement survey that removes the constraints of traditional surveys that use tick-box methods and scale questionnaires, which are open to manipulation by the conscious part of the brain, by utilising Implicit Reaction Time (IRT) testing to gain the truth.  IRT captures people’s immediate, intuitive, non-conscious gut responses, which are often very different from what they say.  Unlike traditional surveys, no questions are asked.  The IRT bypasses conscious thought processes by measuring the reaction time of how employees respond ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a statement on the digital device.

Thirty years of advances in neuroscience have proven that emotions and feelings originate in the non-conscious part of the brain which traditional methods are unable to access.  Therefore, the traditional box-ticking exercises and other methods make it virtually impossible for organisations to capture meaningful and honest data. As a result, normal employee surveys are unable to tap into employees’ true emotions and feelings, and responses can be biased, making them ineffectual and inaccurate.

The E-Cubed surveys are easy to set up from a menu of options that have been designed to make them very accessible.  The results are instantaneous, so HR professionals and leadership teams can view the results during and immediately after the survey ends, enabling them to compare results across different aspects of the business, irrespective of location and language.  The surveys can also be run as often as required at no extra cost.

Andy Dean, director and co-founder of Truthsayers, the neurotech company behind the development of E-Cubed, explains, “E-Cubed is different and immediate.  It is the only way to capture the true feelings of your employees, as it combines the latest advances in neuropsychology with the convenience of a simple-to-use, cost-effective platform.  It delivers the most accurate data and insights.  We’re confident E-Cubed, powered by Truthsayers, will be game changing and vital for HR professionals and business leaders who really want to understand how their employees feel.”

About Truthsayers

Truthsayers®  is a neurotech®  company established by its three directors Andy Dean, Tim Evans and Simon Stapleton.  The co-founders combine over 60 years working in global and SME businesses across technology, neuromarketing, healthcare and professional services sectors, including Aviva, BT, Cigna, Marsh McLennan, Nationwide Building Society and The Pensions Advisory Board.  Their expertise spans transformational change and pioneering the commercialisation of IRT to help global businesses communicate more effectively with their customers and employees, creating happier and more successful organisations.