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Oleeo Introduces the Oleeo Recruiting Enablement Platform

Technology solution leverages data, artificial intelligence, and automation to improve recruiting diversity, efficiency, and effectiveness re-enter

Oleeo, the pioneer in Recruiting Enablement, today announced the release of the Oleeo Recruiting Enablement Platform.

Replacing traditional Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), and Recruiting Event Management systems, the Oleeo Recruiting Enablement platform is an an enterprise-wide recruiting technology solution that leverages data, artificial intelligence, and automation to help recruiters make great diverse hires more efficiently and effectively.

“Oleeo has been innovating in recruiting technology for twenty-five years now,” explains Oleeo CEO and Founder Charles Hipps. “In recent years it has become clear that the future of recruiting is data-driven and automated - and the move to this reality has only been accelerated by the current global pandemic. The Oleeo team’s mission is to reduce the workload on recruiting, while enabling companies to make better quality, evidence-led, and more diverse hires. We’re achieving this with the Oleeo Recruiting Enablement Platform - an enterprise solution that helps recruiting teams to be evidence-led, where the use of data and AI are native to the solution and embedded throughout.”

The Oleeo Recruiting Enablement Platform includes four products:

  • Oleeo Recruit: Replacing traditional ATSs, Oleeo Recruit streamlines sourcing, selecting, and hiring, with data- and AI-driven automation, dynamic workflow, and bulk processing capabilities.
  • Oleeo Engage: Taking CRM to a new level, Oleeo Engage leverages data to enable intelligent, automated candidate engagement, from content shared with candidates in job portals to email campaigns sent to candidates.
  • Oleeo Events: Whether recruiting events are virtual or in-person, Oleeo Events streamlines event management, automating candidate registration, check-ins, and profile creation, as well as dynamic pre-event and onsite candidate workflows.
  • Oleeo Insights: Answering the most important recruiting questions, Oleeo Insights includes pre-built analytics dashboards that cover a range of topic areas.

Oleeo is defining a new category for recruiting technology called Recruiting Enablement, which is next generation and innovation in talent acquisition technology. Inspired by the concepts behind Sales Enablement, Recruiting Enablement helps teams recruit more efficiently and effectively by leveraging automation and data. Download the Research Paper - Improving Quality of Hire through Recruiting Enablement and Recruiting Enablement eBook.

About Oleeo

Oleeo is a pioneer and innovator in Recruiting Enablement solutions. With automation and intelligence built-in, the Oleeo Recruiting Enablement platform helps companies discover unlimited sourcing potential to attract, engage, and hire amazing and diverse teams that change the world for the better. Delivering solutions to over 400 organizations, including many of the world’s top employers, Oleeo provides the most complete recruiting solutions, along with unrivalled customer service and expertise.