Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Introducing Gaia: The AI-powered recruitment platform built to connect humans better

Gaia, the AI-powered digital headhunter, has launched today following the successful merger of the social media recruitment platforms Socially Recruited and soccialy.

  • Born of seven years of machine learning advances in recruitment, the newly launched Gaia platform is a fully automated, AI-powered digital headhunter
  • Gaia helps employers to identify and attract recruits before they’ve even started searching for a job, and makes the candidate experience as easy, instant and intuitive as online shopping
  • Launch follows the merger of Socially Recruited and soccialy, and brings together two market leaders in both private and public sector hiring
  • Gaia promises to help alleviate the biggest recruitment challenges faced by both the employer and the candidate with its cutting-edge technology, by focusing on the people that matter most

Gaia, the AI-powered digital headhunter, has launched today following the successful merger of the social media recruitment platforms Socially Recruited and soccialy.

The newly-created tech brand will enable both private and public sector employers to identify, engage and attract ‘passive candidates’, who have directly relevant skills and experience, before they’ve even started searching for a new job.

Born out of seven years of rapid progress in machine learning, Gaia is powered by an AI engine which analyses nearly four million data points to recognise, reach and recruit people perfectly suited to each vacancy.

Yet for all its technology, Gaia provides a distinctly human interface between recruiters and recruits. Rather than filling in lengthy forms or job specs, employers can speak to Gaia, either through their desktop or a smartphone app, to tell it what skills, experience and traits they are looking for in candidates.

Gaia then drops hyper-targeted job adverts into the social media feeds of well-matched candidates, enabling them to apply instantly via a simplified, in-app application form. Applicants’ details are auto-populated using data saved on their device and can be easily supplemented with a CV or a link to their LinkedIn profile, with the application journey taking as little as 60 seconds.

An AI assistant is also on hand to guide applicants through the process, capture missing details and obtain follow-up information where needed.

The technology, which works across all social media including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube, draws its inspiration from eCommerce rather than traditional recruitment tech.

While Gaia’s mission is to make the experience of applying for a job as quick and simple as buying something on Amazon, it also seeks to help businesses save time and money by connecting them to ‘needle in a haystack’ candidates who aren’t actively seeking a new job.

Its extensive use of AI puts it at the vanguard of recruitment tech created for employers. Research by the CIPD showed that while 80% of firms have ramped up their use of technology while recruiting, as few as 16% use AI or machine learning as part of their hiring activity[1].

In 2023, Socially Recruited used AI technology to generate 4.3 million candidate applications for major employers including Amazon, Lidl and Jaguar Land Rover, and placed adverts that were seen by 589 million people identified as strong potential candidates.

Ben Keighley, Co-founder of Gaia, said: “Traditional recruitment models and job boards are outmoded and increasingly fail to meet the needs of both candidates and employers.

“Gaia is revolutionising the recruitment ecosystem by fusing technological innovation with human empathy and understanding. We’ve made the candidate experience as easy, instant and intuitive as online shopping, and slashed the time it takes to apply for a job to just seconds.

“Meanwhile we’re giving employers a strategic advantage by making the application experience entirely frictionless, and helping them to identify and attract the best people before they’ve even begun to search for a new job.

“While AI underpins what we do, it’s humans who matter most to us - and we’re applying our technology to enrich both the candidate and employer experience. We’ve proven our tech through Gaia’s two forerunner platforms, and our goal now is to become the central nervous system of global recruitment, seamlessly connecting recruiters to recruits with an interface that’s intelligent, intuitive and instantly effective.”

[1] CIPD’s latest annual Resource and talent planning report for 2022 (Released September 2023)