Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

CharityJob launches #GetBackToMe campaign to encourage recruiters to respond to all job applications

CharityJob has launched a campaign on social media and on billboards in London to raise awareness of how important it is for recruiters to get back to all of their candidates, to improve the candidate experience and boost their hiring potential.

To support both candidates and recruiters in the challenging recruitment market we’ve been experiencing, in October 2022 CharityJob, the UK’s largest charity job board, conducted a candidate survey. 497 candidates, who had used their website in the previous six months, responded to the survey and shared their experiences of applying for jobs. They revealed the most common pain points and barriers they face and how they would like recruiters to improve their application experience.

Along with having to complete long application forms (cited by 59% of candidates), they identified not hearing back from recruiters about job applications (reported by 54% of candidates) as their most common pain point. Further investigation also revealed that 79% of candidates are less likely to apply to an organisation in future if they hadn’t had a response to a previous job application.

“In a job market that currently finds us with more roles than available candidates to fill them, recruiters are losing potential applications through something as simple as not having responded in the past. And for candidates it’s demoralising to invest valuable time applying for roles, or attending interviews, to hear nothing back,” says Steve Wexler, Co-founder of CharityJob.

“So we’ve launched our #GetBackToMe campaign to make recruiters aware of how important it is for their reputation, and well as their future recruitment potential, to respond to all of their applicants.”

Charities that post on CharityJob have access to a range of tools that make hiring fairer and more effective, including an emailing tool that allows you to send customised and personalised emails to candidates.

The full report from the candidate survey can be accessed here.