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CandidateZip Launches an Exciting Feature to Enrich Your Data

Imagine if you could extract resumes/jobs data automatically and enrich your candidate information through one tool!

Sounds exciting?

Two factors can help you in closing more jobs:

  • An automated resumes/jobs data extraction process
  • Latest and updated information about the candidate

CandidateZip is one such resume parsing tool that provides you the opportunity to save time on data entry and close more jobs.

What is CandidateZip?

A global leader of simplified resume/job data extraction into ATS/CRM for recruiters, it helps recruiters to extract resumes/jobs data into their ATS/CRM through a simple three-step automated data extraction process.

What’s New at CandidateZip?

Do you have a pile of passive resumes lying up?

Explore the power of your passive database by enriching the candidate data.

To simplify the recruitment process, CandidateZip is launching another exciting feature called ‘Marketplace.’ Choosing this add-on will give you the latest and updated information of candidates by fetching the data from their social profiles such as recently acquired skills, employment gaps, etc.

This feature will make the candidate data more qualitative and bring a significant transformation in your recruitment process.

What’s Unique About CandidateZip?

The reason recruiters choose CandidateZip is that

It is free from coding

Save yourself from technical hassles. Even a layman can use this tool by simply following the three-step process.

Do more recruitment, not data entry

Recruiters spend most of their time on manual data entry. With CandidateZip, they can focus more on the hiring process instead of just feeding the data in the system.

Save time on data entry

Experience the magic by automating the data extraction process and save plenty of time.

Close more jobs

With faster data extraction, recruiters can speed up the recruitment process and close jobs quickly.

Invest their time in what they love to do

They get the freedom to spend their time on other activities such as HR training, HR strategies, etc.

Read this article if you are excited to know how CandidateZip is beneficial for recruiters.

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