Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

APSCo launches Trusted Partner Status

APSCo has launched a new Trusted Partner status to replace its Affiliate Membership for service providers to the recruitment sector.

While affiliate members have always had to provide references to gain acceptance into the trade body (with umbrella companies having to pass a separate compliance audit), APSCo has now introduced a new level of annual due diligence to actively demonstrate to recruitment firms that APSCo Trusted Partners are best in class and service providers that can be relied on.

In order to gain Trusted Partner status, suppliers to the recruitment sector wishing to join APSCo must complete a detailed questionnaire which explores the organisation’s approach to client and customer care, service provision and its focus on quality and expertise. Firms must also sign a declaration that they will always act in the best interests of the recruitment sector and demonstrate a professional ethical and compliant approach. Five testimonials must be submitted and APSCo will also undertake a company check to verify financial stability, directors and filing history.

All current affiliate members have been invited to undergo the new Trusted Partner due diligence.

Commenting on the change, Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo said: “It is important to us that our Trusted Partners stand out as best in class and reflect the professional standards that sit at the very core of APSCo. This new annual due diligence will ensure that all recruitment firms can feel completely confident that an APSCo Trusted Partner really is gold standard.”