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And now for something completely different...

Tired of the same old narrative, Novo have launched their new website and brand to challenge the market and raise standards in recruitment.

Established in 2011, Novo has been delivering their unique brand of recruitment to the construction sector for nearly 7 years and as with all businesses they have carefully shaped and steered the direction of the business in line with their company vision and overall targets.

Unlike most recruitment businesses, Novo’s mission is not entirely defined around increasing headcount and turnover.  Do not mistake this for lack of ambition.  Whilst their focus is almost entirely towards operational excellence in each area of the business, genuine customer service for both candidates and clients and longevity/ quality of relationships the belief is that this will lead to a more sustainable growth with a well-established core team.  Ultimately the goal is to be recognised as the most respected construction recruiter in the UK and advocates for improvements to recruitment practices across the industry.

Novo’s new website offers users something a little different -   a unique sense of honesty and clarity rather than promises of bespoke services and unique methods of working. 

“Recruitment is pretty black and white as far as we see things. We just add a bit of colour”

By enhancing the profile pages for each staff member within the ‘meet the team’ section, Novo offer their customers insight in to the people behind the brand and let’s face it, recruitment is all about people.  And by openly stating that they won’t place every candidate they encounter or fill every job they are assigned, the openness, honesty and transparency is there for all to see.

Gary Melton – Director at Novo – said that they “wanted to outwardly reflect the internal ethos of the business and give visitors the opportunity to feel they are dealing with a different breed of recruiter before even getting in touch.”