Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

A ground-breaking way to attract passive job seekers: the world’s first automated, job-based, micro campaigns for Facebook

ClickIQ launches new social media tool to revolutionise recruitment advertising

A new automated service to help businesses target passive job seekers on Facebook, the first in the world, is set to fundamentally change recruitment advertising.

ClickIQ, an award-winning automated talent attraction platform, has already disrupted the market by using AI and programmatic technology to challenge more traditional methods of recruitment.

The service allows clients to automate, manage and optimise their recruitment advertising in real time across an extensive network of performance-based online recruitment media.

Now new technology, which can target specific candidates on Facebook using location, interests, education, behaviour and qualifications, is set to take ClickIQ’s offering to the next level.

It allows clients to create job-based micro campaigns to automatically reach passive job seekers on a pay per click (PPC) basis.

This means recruiters can access a highly-targeted audience, not just of professionals currently looking for a new job, but also those who are suited to the role being advertised yet may not be active on job boards.

Richard Collins, co-founder of ClickIQ, said: “Speaking with our clients, we discovered that whilst many felt that job boards were extremely cost effective for reaching active job seekers, they were struggling to tackle the harder to fill roles and to find ways to attract passive candidates. 

“Not only that, but they wanted to be able to do this automatically on an individual job level, rather than having to spend thousands of pounds on big generic campaigns through their respective ad agencies.

“This will be a real game changer for companies who previously wouldn’t have the spend or capability to do so. 

“It is something that recruitment advertisers have been asking for, for some time and could change the wait they recruit in future.”

ClickIQ’s new social media job-based micro-campaign tool will offer the ability to: 

  • Automatically launch Facebook campaigns for specific jobs that meet pre-set rules (e.g. following low response rates or after a set period of time). Campaigns can also be launched manually.
  • Create micro job-based campaigns – and set the budget at any level you want.
  • Dynamically merge job descriptions with corporate branding to create Facebook and Instagram adverts that appear in the target audiences’ news feeds.
  • Direct candidates either to the client’s career sites or to find out more and apply in the normal manner.
  • Target specific candidates using location, interests, education, job title, behaviour qualifications etc.
  • Automate campaign management based on rules that are set up by the client. 
  • Access intuitive dashboard reports that record response rates, clicks, applications generated, spend, cost per click, and cost per application all in real time.