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  • 11 Apr 2024
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Employment policy update for April 2024

This month (April 2024) has seen changes to the rules around paternity leave, flexible working and time off for carers. All of these need attention to ensure necessary modifications have been made.

There are three key areas of change, each of which will necessitate adjustment to internal policies and documentation. Paternity leave rules now allow for leave to be taken in week long blocks rather than consecutively, and extend the period in which leave can be taken to 1 year. There are also changes to the notice requirements.

Flexible working is to become a day one right, rather than applicable after 6 months of service, and the number of requests an employee can make will increase. Employers can still refuse for the same reasons as before, but there must be consultation with the employee and a decision following the request must be made within 2 months. 

There is also a new right to have up to a weeks unpaid leave per year to arrange care for a dependant. This may not already be included in your existing range of employment policies; but if it is you should take care to review your existing plan to reflect the new statutory right. This is also subject to minimum notice requirements, limitations and includes specific definitions, for example of who qualifies as a dependant.

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