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Jeremy Friedman Appointed as HireVue CEO to Lead Next Phase of Growth

Mission-Driven Leader and Experienced CEO Jeremy Friedman To Lead HireVue as Anthony Reynolds Steps Down

HireVue, the pioneer and global leader in Human Potential Intelligence, today announced the appointment of Jeremy Friedman as Chief Executive Officer.  Friedman succeeds Anthony Reynolds, who is stepping down as CEO. Reynolds, who oversaw significant milestones in HireVue’s growth culminating in the acquisition of Modern Hire, and the launch of Human Potential Intelligence, will continue to serve HireVue in an advisory role.

Prior to HireVue, Friedman was the co-founder and CEO of Schoology (acquired by PowerSchool) for more than a decade, where he steered the education technology firm to transformative heights – developing a learning management system that served over 20 million users and thousands of customers, including some of the largest districts in the country, entire states and even nations. Additionally, his efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic ensured uninterrupted educational delivery.

"Jeremy's entrepreneurial spirit and proven dedication to enhancing outcomes through technology speak to the core of what makes HireVue a beacon for connecting talent to opportunity," said Harrison Chilton, a member of HireVue's board of directors. "His vision and execution expertise in nurturing growth and innovation in a customer and user-centric tech environment are what we see as the driving force for HireVue’s next phase."

The synergy between educational technology and hiring technology – both striving to maximize potential and unlock latent opportunities – underscores Friedman’s pivotal role at HireVue. The strategic challenges, growth trajectories, and scale of impact he managed at Schoology mirror HireVue's operational landscape, making Jeremy uniquely equipped to navigate the industry's future currents.

"Joining a team and company that aligns so closely with my personal mission to improve outcomes through innovative technology was an easy decision," Jeremy Friedman said. "HireVue is not just about enhancing the hiring process; using technology, guided by science, it's about leveling the playing field and empowering every individual with a chance to showcase their potential. As we drive HireVue forward into its next stage of growth, I’m so excited to embrace the opportunities this poses for candidates, customers and partners alike.”