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3R is thrilled to announce the addition of a new board member

3R has demonstrated robust and consistent growth over the past three years, fostering a clear vision and focus on the future, opening the door to exciting opportunities and innovative product development.

In order to bring these ambitions to fruition, 3R has executed a strategic re-organisation of the board of directors and senior management team, which now includes the valuable additions of Dan Brogan and Kim Pritchard.

The board has recently welcomed Nick Trollope as an Advisory Member, with extensive experience spanning 30 years of operating and managing businesses, including 20 years of experience in successfully growing his own businesses. Nick's remarkable 25 years of Board experience in recruitment & staffing, security, and software industries, spans business start-up, strategy, growth, and exit, bringing unparalleled knowledge and expertise to 3R.

Having had a long-standing connection both professionally and personally with Nick, Mike Bowler, Managing Director at 3R, says  "I have always been impressed with Nick's business acumen, his attention to detail, and the thoroughness of his approach to business. These are all areas where we will need additional support to fulfil our plans for the next few years."

For Nick, as a seasoned business leader, this opportunity presented itself as the perfect platform for him to impart his knowledge and expertise in a new environment. "When running your own businesses, you can get engrossed in your own eco-system where your ability to objectively evaluate yourself and receive valuable feedback is limited. I view this as an opportunity to take on a new challenge and see how much value I can add in someone else’s eco-system." 

The addition of Dan Brogan and Kim Pritchard not only strengthened the 3R team’s capability, but their objective views challenged current ways of working and got the Founders asking some big questions of themselves. "As well as his invaluable expertise, Nick brings a new level of precision and accountability to the board that will play an instrumental role in shaping 3R's future" says Mike Bowler. This excitement is shared by Nick, who is eager to support Mike and Chris, as Founders of 3R, in taking steps towards realizing their business goals and aspirations. 

'It all starts with a vision and clear strategy, then it's about keeping on track” says Nick Trollope. “It’s not uncommon for founders or CEOs to create strategies only for them to be shelved or superseded within a few months, because fires erupt elsewhere in their business.  Part of my role over the years has been about keeping focus on the strategy and ultimately, with 3R, that's what I'll get the most satisfaction out of - seeing Mike, Chris and the team deliver on their vision!"

The 3R team is excited by the inspiring changes and developments that have taken place. Everyone is eager to seize the opportunities that the future holds and confidently navigate the path to success.

Mike Bowler, Managing Director at 3R

"So far, our approach to growing the business has been quite relaxed, but what we have built is a strong culture with first-class products and service delivery.

Now, we've got exciting plans with the right people in the right places. We're an organisation from the top down that can deliver it – a strong board with a strong management team through the introduction of key figures like Nick, Dan and Kim, it's now all about fulfilling 3R's full potential."

Nick Trollope, Board Advisor at 3R

"It is really inspiring for me to come into an environment where you can so obviously see the enthusiasm and the passion of everyone in the business. The 3R office has got a really buzzing atmosphere, and everyone has a clear purpose. That's the magic sauce in my view - and when mixed with a clear vision and strong strategy, it's a recipe for success!"

3R have some exciting new US funding and technology solutions in the pipeline, if you would like to find out about what’s coming soon, call 01489 584 741 or visit 

About 3R

Formed in 2013, part of the 3R Holdings Limited group, 3R provide a fully-outsourced, automated back-office platform, 100% funding and a network of recruitment-specific technology and support solutions to many SME recruitment companies across the UK.

3R supports talented recruiters with their ambitions to build and grow successful recruitment businesses and is currently working with over 500 end-clients and RPOs on behalf of their Recruiter client base.

The 3R team pride themselves on delivering outstanding customer support, made possible by having worked in the Recruitment industry for over 20 years, understanding what drives and challenges ambitious recruiters, as well as being able to offer a unique blend of experience in permanent & contract recruitment, technology, and funding.

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