Test Partnership


Test Partnership provides cutting edge psychometric tests for employee selection, assessment, and development. Test Partnership’s main offering includes online ability tests, situational judgement tests, personality questionnaires, skills tests, and a series of fully computer adaptive (CAT) gamified assessments.

Founded in 2014, Test Partnership’s objective is to modernise candidate assessment. By utilising the latest insights from psychometric science, Test Partnership’s assessments employ an unparalleled level of scientific rigour, maximising reliability, validity, and fairness.

Our easy to use testing platform is equally suited to high and low volume recruitment. Low volumes of candidates can be added with ease, complimented by our straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing. High volumes of candidates can be added using a CSV upload, a unique registration link, or API integration, streamlining high volume screening processes.

Key features:

• Simple, pay-as-you-go pricing
• Quick setup and immediate online access
• Online dashboard and analytics
• No expiration date for credits or assessment
• Real time live chat, phone, and email support
• API Integration, customisation, and bespoke test options

Top products:

• The Insights suite of ability tests
• The Perceptions suite of Situational judgement tests
• The Test Partnership Adaptive Questionnaire (TPAQ)
• MindmetriQ series of gamified assessments.

Book a Demo:

For a complimentary demo of our testing platform and our assessments, simply call us on 020 8064 0382 or email us at info@testpartnership.com.

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