Staff Squared


Staff Squared is an HR solution designed by a software development company, Atlas Computer Systems, in an effort to provide their customers with a reliable and easy system that streamlines HR processes, saving much valuable time to allow them to do what they do best.

Meet Dean and Simon.

We met in 2007 while working at a law firm in London. One thing led to another and we thought it would be a good idea to combine our business and programming talents to start a software development company. So we did and we called it Atlas.

As Atlas grew and we moved onto developing complex systems used by banks and other large organisations, we found it more and more difficult to manage our staff. We struggled to keep up with all the time consuming HR admin that comes with a growing business. Inevitably it came to a head when we forgot a staff appraisal which sadly led to them quitting.

New software was born.

Something had to be done to ensure that our staff were happy with their employment arrangements. So we decided to create some software that would automate many HR tasks and remove the day-to-day hassle of managing our staff.

Luckily, we happened to have a bunch of super-clever software developers already working for us. So the Atlas team set about bringing this vision to life and Staff Squared was born.

Creating systems to fix our own problems.

Staff Squared started out as one of these systems. Soon after using our new HR software internally and seeing how it transformed our HR, we realised that poor staff management was not just an Atlas problem. We saw that Staff Squared had the potential to help other businesses too. So in 2012, Staff Squared was released to the public and has proved itself to be a valuable HR tool for our customers ever since.

Developing Staff Squared for the future.

At Atlas we have a dedicated team that continually maintain and improve Staff Squared. We ensure our HR software stays ahead of employment law changes and legal compliancy (including GDPR). We also work hard to give our customers more features based on real user’s feedback. Because who doesn’t want their staff management to be even simpler and more reliable?

We continue to grow by making HR management better for many businesses today and for the future.

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