Recruitment Entrepreneur


Recruitment Entrepreneur is one of the world's most successful investors in start-up to mid-size recruitment start-ups. Since 2014, we’ve invested in 30 talented founders, enabling them to launch and scale successful businesses. Our success lies in our ability to provide not just knowledge, but also know-how.

We have fostered a community of businesses that benefit from the expertise of our dedicated team who provide; funding, financial expertise, operational strategy, back-office support, legal advice, marketing and talent attraction solutions, all of which enable our partner businesses to flourish. 
Investing time, money, and experience in people with the potential to become great leaders, we partner with and empower budding entrepreneurs to build world-class recruitment businesses, capable of achieving a high equity value on exit. We emphasise continual learning and development; supported by CASS Business School and accredited recruitment experts, every member of our portfolio receives professional training to help unlock their full potential. 
In terms of scale, focus and sophistication, there is no other investment business to rival Recruitment Entrepreneur. Our exclusive focus on the recruitment sector, underpinned by a highly experienced management team that has developed a proven track record of success, is core to our unique market positioning and offering. 
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